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Everything about baldness in one article

We begin to accept the problem of hair loss and its treatment seriously only after we actually facing it ourselves. If you need to quickly learn about the causes and treatment of alopecia, this article is for you. Of course, it doesn’t provide encyclopedic knowledge, but it will help you to find answers and navigate you on our website.

Scientific approach

The problem of baldness has been studied for a while and the received data is based on laboratory-confirmed knowledge. Not all the questions are answered yet, but it is better to rely on data that has been already scientifically proven. The knowledge will allow you to talk to the doctor in the same language and avoid unsafe actions when choosing treatment.
20 facts about the hair
Types of alopecia
What is alopecia areata and how to treat it
Alopecia Universalis and the treatment
Genetics and Alopecia
Hair structure and hair lifecycles
Index of hair mass
DHT blockers
Hair Analyzes


This is the most dangerous obstacle on the way to healthy hair. Do not waste your time on magical remedies that are not scientifically proven.
Myths about baldness
More about myths

Risk factors

Anyone can face alopecia, but in some situations, the risk increases dramatically. The following articles will help you to stay alert.


In majority cases of hair loss, the causes are really unexpected. Our body looks like a black box. Sometimes it’s very difficult to establish the true reason of hair loss. However, only knowing the reason, you can find the right treatment.
Causes of female alopecia
And here you will find nine more causes of baldness in women
Find out more
Male pattern baldness
Alopecia in men
New about male hair loss
Testosterone and alopecia
Common causes of baldness

How to notice the problem on time

Time is your main helper when it comes to hair restoration. However, baldness becomes noticeable only when half of the hair is lost! The earlier you are concerned about the fact that your hair is thinning – the better.
Early signs
Self-diagnosis of alopecia

Diseases that may cause hair loss

Although we have described a number of diseases and health conditions in individual articles, it is necessary to have a general idea about all health problems that may cause hair loss.


Dandruff and alopecia can be related. Learn more about situations when the “snow” on your shoulders must alarm you.
Can dandruff be the cause of baldness?
We treat dandruff

Fungus and hair

At the first time, there seem to be no connections between fungus and baldness. In fact, the formation of dandruff is also caused by the fungus. We are talking about fungal infections that cause balding and damage hair.
Three main hair fungus
Recovery after rosacea

Hair aging

Our hair is a part of our body, and it also changes with time. We do not always like these changes. Is our age responsible for the decrease in the hair volume?
About hair loss in menopause
Hair loss in menopause
All signs of hair aging and what to do
All about gray hair

Androgenic alopecia

Alopecia caused by male hormone dihydrotestosterone is the most common cause of hair loss. This type of alopecia affects not only men.
Women alopecia

Vegetarianism and hair loss

If a vegetarian diet lacks a number of elements it can negatively affect the hair.

Children’s hair

Your child’s hair differs from yours. Kid’s hair is easier to damage and it requires especially gentle care. Sometimes kids pull their own hair off without you even knowing it.
Causes of child alopecia
Facts about children’s alopecia
Proper care of children’s hair
Care for teenage hair.

Postpartum and breastfeeding

Approximately half of the women in the postpartum period notice a hair loss. Find out if this is normal and what can be done with this situation?
What to do. Preventive measures
More about postpartum hair loss
What can be done if hair loss occurs during breastfeeding?

Oral contraceptives and alopecia

Oral contraceptives are hormones. The pills can change the hormonal balance.Taking or quitting using contraceptives can be critical for hair.

Diseases of the thyroid gland

Insufficient or excessive level of thyroid hormones may cause hair loss.

Seasonal hair loss

Our hair is very sensitive. Therefore, even the seasonal factor affects the hair condition. Pay special attention to your hair in extreme weather conditions! Learn how to do it safely for your health from our articles.
Seasonal changes in hair quality. Is it real?
Fighting winter hair loss and top-5 hair care rules in the winter.

Hair loss in telogen

Did you know that daily hair loss is normal but only up to a certain limit? In some cases, too much hair goes into the telogen phase, and therefore too much hair falls out.

Alopecia areata

The most mysterious form of alopecia. It has a wide range of severity — from a small bald spot around scar to complete baldness of the whole body.
Causes and Treatment
How to live with it

Radiation and chemotherapy

Unfortunately, one of the consequences of combating cancer can be baldness. You can help your hair grow healthy again!
Radiation therapy

Protection and care

No one cares about your hair. Hair can start thinning even because you don’t comb it right. What can we say about aggressive hair styling or excessive exposure to summer sun?
Hair condition in summer.
Seven rules and care recommendations when styling.
How to choose the right hair accessories.
Correct combing
Is hair straightening harmful?
11 ways to avoid brittle hair
Tips on care for dry hair.
Proper care for dry and damaged hair.
Is cosmetics with silicones dangerous or is it worth to find something more natural?
Harmful and healthy hairstyles.
Are hair extensions safe?
Is it possible to perform a necessary hair care at home?


You are what you eat. Dermatologists and trichologists often prescribe a blood test to patients to make sure they are all right with the nutrition.
Let’s talk about six useful products for hair
More products to strengthen hair
Products for beautiful hair
The five main vitamins
All vitamins for hair
The low-carb diet
Three perfect recipes for hair restoration


Many diseases are caused by stress. The reason is not only the stress. Hair often reacts to bad habits and the general health condition.
What do you need to do to save hair from focal alopecia caused by stress?
Struggling with stress caused by alopecia
Three habits harmful to hair. Another four harmful habits for hair.
Choose a wig while growing your hair back
Hair loss and water quality.
How to wash your hair properly.


The best news is that you can actually fight baldness. Even problems with immunity can be stopped and reversed..
The first five ways
Medical methods
Combination of methods
Five Ways to Stop Female Alopecia
Non-surgical methods
First aid kit
9 simple ways for home treatment
Another 10 ways of prevention and treatment
Mistakes in treatment
We grow hair quickly
Will Homeopathy Help
The benefits and harm of cocktails for hair growth.

Laser therapy

This method approved by the official medicine deserves a separate series of articles. This absolutely painless and safe method will help the treatment of baldness improving the quality of the hair. It can be used at any time, and anywhere. It gives good results both for using by itself and as a part of complex therapy.
History of the method
Does gender matter
Myths about laser therapy

Gifts from nature for beautiful hair

Gifts of nature can enhance the therapeutic effect of the medicines recommended by the doctor. Do not forget to consult a trichologist about the methods of natural therapy that you want to try.
12 natural remedies and methods
Tamarind (Indian date)
Castor oil
Grain, vegetable and fruit cocktails
Using coffee as a natural dye and hair conditioner
Red wine
Herbal medicine
Sunflower seeds
Aloe vera

Hair transplantation

A very expensive surgery is effective, but not always. It is recommended only in cases if there are no alive follicles in the affected area left. In all other situations, the surgery can be avoided.
Is it worth it
What do you need to know to make a right decision about transplantation

New methods and innovations

Medicine is moving forward. Well-known plants, animals, or products can inspire scientists for new discoveries.
Apple stem cells
About new drugs that entered the market in 2017 that gained popularity.
What’s new in the cosmetic products market for hair restoration?

As you can see, baldness can be the result of a variety of reasons.The variety of treatment methods allow choosing the right one for the best results. Read our articles and be healthy and beautiful!

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