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Causes of Hair Loss – Myths and Truths

There are many myths about the causes of hair loss. However, most of them are far from reality. In this article we will try to find out which hair loss factors are real and what we should consider a myth.

Perm and coloring – a myth. Chemical substances that dye, bleach, straighten or curl your hair can cause hair damage and loss. However, they have more effect on the appearance than on the roots of the hair.

Hair falls out from the frequent washing of the head – a myth. When washing your hair, only those hairs “get removed” that have already detached, experts say. Therefore, shampooing the head can not cause hair loss.

Hair loss is contributed to by the wearing of wigs and hats – partly true. This is only true if the hats and wigs are so tight that they seriously affect the blood circulation, but not in the case of laser cap. Inadequate blood supply to the hair roots can cause temporary hair loss, but by itself does not result in irreversible hair loss.

If your hair falls out , it should be combed less frequently – partly true. The cause of hair loss may be due to overly intensive combing or use of poor-quality combs, which can damage the structure of hair or scratch the scalp.

Women and men are equally likely to go bald – a myth. In fact, men are eight times more likely to have this problem than women.

Baldness cannot be cured – a myth. It is important to promptly consult with a competent specialist to find out the true cause and accurately follow the specialist’s recommendations. Even in advanced cases, one can choose the treatment that will at least slow down the process. It is selected depending on the stage and severity of the cause that resulted in hair loss. In some cases, therapeutic shampoos and masks are sufficient. In other cases, we have to use medications and laser hair loss treatment, which will stimulate intensive hair regeneration. And some can only be helped by hair transplant. Of course, one cannot count on instant miraculous healing to occur. However, modern science is able to offer effective ways to treat baldness .

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