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Five Ways to Keep Your Hair Beautiful in Winter

Frost, wind, and precipitation – all these winter weather conditions are bad, not only for our skin, but also our hair. Wearing hats and the dry air only worsen the problem. The lack of vitamins also negatively affects hair. Hair becomes dry and brittle, causing dandruff to appear. That’s why the issue of protecting hair in the cold season is very important. Here are some effective methods for keeping your locks looking healthy during the winter.

Rule number 1. Maintain hair moisture

To maintain the moisture of your hair, it is necessary to begin work on the body from the inside. It is very important to drink about 1.5-2 liters of water per day during the winter. The humidity level also affects the condition of the hair, so it is recommended to use an air humidifier . When choosing shampoos, conditioners, and other products, use products with moisturizing properties.

Rule number 2. Adjust your diet

There is a lack of seasonal fruits and vegetables in the winter, but it’s still necessary to maintain the quality of your diet. The lack of vitamins affects the condition of the hair Vitamin deficiency becomes especially noticeable at the end of the winter. Strands become very dry and brittle. If you want to enjoy your beautiful and healthy hair in the winter, your diet should include these foods:

  • fatty fish and olive oil, which contain a sufficient number of polyunsaturated fatty acid Omega-3;
  • dairy products rich in calcium and proteins;
  • fresh vegetables, herbs, and legumes provide our bodies with various vitamins and microelements.

It is recommended to use vitamin supplements, especially in the winter.


Rule number 3. Choose the right hat

In the winter, hats become a necessary accessory. Due to low temperatures, scalp blood vessels tend to narrow. The blood circulation slows down, preventing a full flow of nutrients to the hair follicles. Not wearing a hat in the winter leads to worsening of the hair condition: weakening and growth disruptions.

The choice of the hat also matters. It should be the right size: too tight may result in headaches and dandruff. Prefer headwear made from natural, “breathable” materials, such as wool.

Rule number 4. Provide gentle hair care

One of the most important rules is hygiene. Many people think that frequent washing is bad for hair, but it is not. Excessive sebum disrupts blood circulation and scalp nourishment. That contributes to the appearance of dandruff and the formation of fungus. The question of how often to wash your hair depends on your hair type and how soon it gets greasy.

Be careful when choosing winter shampoo. If you have oily hair, it is better to avoid shampoos, which contain silicone. For those who have dry and brittle hair, the best option is a shampoo for sensitive scalp. When you have dandruff, you can use a shampoo for dry and damaged hair, adding tea tree essential oil. Those with a mixed type of hair should use a combination of shampoo for fatty strands and conditioner for dry.

We shouldn’t forget to regularly use hair conditioners and balms with a moisturizing effect. Start applying the product from the bottom of the hair, carefully processing toward the tips. Remember not to comb wet hair because it’s much easier to damage it. Use carbon or wooden combs for a better effect.

Rule number 5. Don’t forget to strengthen your hair

Weak, brittle and dull hair is something that almost every woman encounters in the winter. You can use different masks to strengthen your locks. The best are serums containing vegetable and essential oils such as olive, burdock, castor, almond, coconut, or jojoba. Usually, these hair products also include natural plant extracts, proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and B vitamins.

You should also consider new methods and innovations for hair care besides the well known ones. GrivaMax Laser Cap is a compact and easy-to-use device, which is based on the healing effect of low-level laser therapy. Looking like a regular hat, it prevents hair loss and improves the condition of hair.

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3 thoughts on “Five Ways to Keep Your Hair Beautiful in Winter”

  1. Mane Yani says:

    I wonder how safe it is to use a hoop with headphones if it’s very cold outside.

  2. Soumya Reddy says:

    Once a week I make a nourishing mask with vitamins. It makes hair look very beautiful.

  3. Yûů Sŕä says:

    My hair becomes highly electric in winter. I have already bought another hairbrush, but nothing changed.

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