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Are you combing your hair correctly?

Sometimes, people complain about having issues with their hair, causing them to constantly change cosmetic brands, but the problem is that they don’t know how to comb correctly. To not deprive yourself from having healthy and beautiful hair, make sure that you know how to take care of it.


It seems like there is only one way to comb – from the bottom to the top: from the head to the hair ends. But during those moves, the brush pulls hair, damaging the follicles and ripping them off completely. That’s why people who prefer to comb quickly risk losing their hair. More interesting facts about hair you can find here: https://www.grivamax.com/20-interesting-facts-hair/.

Owners of long and curly hair should start to comb from the top to the bottom. Also about 2–3 cm from the hair ends, comb a couple more times, then repeat it again but closer to the head and until the very top.

Types of tools

This is another basic of hair care. There are many devices for combing and hair styling, but the three main ones are:

  • combs,
  • brushes,
  • spanish combs.

The first group is very well-know. It is better to get a comb with wide teeth for daily use.

Brushes are not meant to untangle or divide hair. But after you have carefully worked with the comb, take a massaging brush and work your hair several times, from the up to the bottom. The brush stimulates blood flow and will add volume and nourishment to your hair.

Other fancy brush accessory are being used for styling with hair dryers. Spanish combs are almost not used anymore, and most often play a role in decoration.

Hair care

Brushes and combs: what materials should they be made from?

Of course, natural is always better, but not in everything. Hair loves wood, but it gets dirty very quickly and becomes a fertile ground for bacteria. If wood cracks it can damage your hair. It makes no sense to wash wooden combs, you just need to replace them more often.

Bone and horn combs are also good, but you have to take good care of them, and stop using them if they crack.

Metal is strong and long lasting, but they are too rough for hair. If you have a hair brush with metal bristles, at least their ends should be plastic. But it’s better to not use metal at all.

Plastic is quite strong, readily available, easily maintained, and harmless for hair, and problems with static electricity can be resolved with a special product. This is the best material for a comb, but unfortunately they are not natural.

Speaking about bristle material for brushes, the best ones are boar hair or nylon bristles (some manufacturers combine them).

Time and regularity

It is important to comb hair regularly (mornings and evenings at least, and when needed), but not too often. Before and not after a hair wash, holding your head down (hair will get washed easier and tangle less), don’t brush right after a shower, since wet hair gets damaged much easier. Wait until it is completely dry.

If you need to style your hair while it is wet, you can use a comb with wide teeth or a skeletal brush, also with a special detangling spray.

Hair tools


There is a myth that you should comb your hair one hundred times in the morning and in the evening to become like Goldilocks. But it’s just a myth. The result depends not on the number (hundred is really a lot), but on the technique.

Maintaining brushes and combs

The majority of people do not maintain their brushes and combs correctly. Too bad. Bristles and teeth have to deal not only with our hair, but also with a dirt, oil, and flakes. All these substances cover our combs and become a fertile ground for bacteria. What is the point to wash your hair if you use a dirty comb afterwards?

As a result, hair gets dirty faster, causing us to wash them with cosmetic products, which stimulates sebum production, and then you have to wash your hair almost twice a day, making it dull and weak.

All you need is to wash your combs twice a week in warm soapy water. You can use an old toothbrush to clean it even better.

Mine means mine

It doesn’t happen often, but it still occurs: your coworker forgot her comb and wants to use yours. It’s not only unhygienic, but it can also cause some unknown scalp diseases for both. We recommend that you politely refuse and keep a couple of cheap comps in your bag, just in case someone needs one. Even if you lose yours, you won’t have to borrow one from another person.

If you follow all these rules and are still losing your hair, maybe it’s time to pay a visit to a trichologist. There are effective methods to prevent even severe baldness, for example, laser hair cap.

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