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Benefits of Dates for Hair or Delicious Remedy

Unlike the usual dates that are sold in the dried fruit section, tamarind is a different fruit with unique properties. The second name of the tamarind is an Indian date. It is commonly used in cooking, medicine, and cosmetology. The ripe fruit is characterized by the sweet taste and wonderful aroma. Indian dates at different maturity levels are used as seasonings in sauces, salads, fish, and rice dishes, and they can also be preserved.

In traditional medicine, tamarind can be used for normalizing digestion, treating bronchial asthma, lowering blood pressure, etc. In cosmetology, dates are used to prepare various remedies for skin and hair care.

Health benefits of tamarind

Indian dates are rich in antioxidants, macro- and micro elements (potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, selenium, etc.), vitamins A, B, C, K, and E. It also contains thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin.The antioxidant effect of tamarind is of particular importance for cosmetology.


In traditional medicine, the product can be used for:

  • Improving the work of the heart’s smooth muscles.
  • Treatment of diarrhea and other problems with the digestive tract.
  • Increasing the hemoglobin level.
  • Improving appetite.
  • Reducing the level of “bad” cholesterol.
  • Normalization the hormonal balance in women, etc.

Tamarind is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, since its safety has not been confirmed.

Tamarind oil for hair

Tamarind seed oil is widely used in modern cosmetology. It is also called “amber” oil due to its light coloring property. The natural product allows you to maintain the color of dyed hair for much longer. It gives your hair shine and also protects from the harmful effects of UV rays and thermal damages. Oil of Indian dates protects and softens the scalp, improving blood circulation and stimulating hair growth. You can use the product as an effective ingredient for hair masks.

In this case, it is important to remember:

  • oil must only be applied to dry hair;
  • use a small amount of oil;
  • to prevent skin irritation, mix tamarind oil with an essential oil or other components.

Proper use of this natural product improves scalp condition, normalizing the production of sebum.

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  1. Malar Vizhi says:

    So I used the wrong type of dates. I read about the health benefits of dates on the other site, but there was no explanation that it needed to be an Indian date))) This article helped a lot.

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