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Age-related hair loss

For some women one of the most unfortunate manifestations of menopause can be sudden and rapid loss of a large amount of hair. Even though this symptom is mentioned much less than hot flushes, the problem is very acute – about half of the women suffer from hair loss during menopause.

Why does this happen?

Like most of the symptoms of menopause, hair loss is caused by hormonal imbalances in the body. The main cause of problems with hair is the change in the ratio of estrogen hormone level to the level of the male sex hormone testosterone. Hair regrowth might be possible immediately after restoring hormonal levels.

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Another possible cause is hypothyroidism, a characteristic for women during menopause. In addition, the condition of the hair is affected by any hormonal fluctuations, increase of testosterone levels, severe stress, medication, dermatological problems, and heredity. It may also be the cause of hair loss in men.

Each time when hair begins to fall out, you should remember what was happening during the last three months, as the factors affecting the condition of the hair, often are not immediate, but take time. Recall if you were sick, what medications you took, whether you experienced emotional distress, etc.

What to do?

Hair loss cannot be reversed through medication, but some medications are able to stop or slow down the process during menopause.

Using innovative developments in the field of laser treatments bring about pretty good results in the complex treatment. For example, laser hats or laser caps, which can be worn anytime.

Remember that hair loss that is in the premenopausal and menopausal periods, not caused by a health problems, is a natural phenomenon. As soon as the level of hormones is stabilized, the hair loss should stop.

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