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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Baldness and Make Your Hair Shiny and Silky

Baldness is a problem of many people. In this case gender doesn’t matter. Men suffer from the balding spots, women suffer from diffusive form of baldness. But this is a common situation. How to strengthen your hair and get rid of baldness? It is very important to understand what caused the problem. Is it related to some disease? Or is it happening due to genetic predisposition? The trichologist can confirm the diagnosis. In this article we offer a brief overview of some methods that can help your treatment.

Well-balanced diet is important for your health

Proper nutrition cannot stop hair loss if it was caused, for example, by a genetic predisposition. But when you eat foods rich in protein and unsaturated fats your hair strengthens and grows stronger. Pay attention to your daily intake of vitamins B and C. They can be found in chicken, eggs, pork and greens. The more versatile is your diet, the less problems with your hair and health you will have.

Strengthening shampoo

You have probably heard that a niacin shampoo can help with hair restoration. We haven’t found any clinical studies that can confirm this fact. But you can try the “magic shampoo” if your trichologist have recommended it for you. According to the manufacturer this care product can stimulate hair growth.

Low-level laser therapy

Low-level laser therapy

LLLT impacts hair follicles by stimulating the nutrients influx towards them. This is a clinically proven device that is effective not only in the case of baldness, but also for the restoration of dull and lifeless hair. According to the research, low-level laser therapy can wake up about 70% of sleeping follicles, which go into the stage of growth after the procedure.The method is painless, safe and comfortable. You can purchase a special laser cap and use it any time, no matter where you are. It doesn’t take much time and effort.

Hair transplantation

During this surgery donor’s hair follicles are being transplanted from places where they are abundant (also resistant to dihydrotestosterone, for example, in the occipital zone) to the places of their absence. There are several methods of hair transplantation, so you can choose and find the best option for almost any pattern of baldness. The disadvantage of this method is the high cost of the procedure, which in some cases must be repeated.

Pills for hair growth

Finasteride is a drug that has been used to prevent prostate cancer. But today it is successfully used to treat male pattern of baldness. Attention! Finasteride is prohibited for female hair loss treatment. The medicine gives a stable result in the early stages of balding. The disadvantages include the need of constant using of this drug. If you stop taking medication the result can be lost in a few months. Among the other side effects there is a risk of impotence and loss of libido.

Minoxidil helps to slow down hair loss and stimulates its growth. It can be used under the doctor’s supervision to treat female type of baldness. But just like in case with Finasteride you risk to have your symptoms back in three or four month if you stop taking the drug. Other side effects include possible itching and pain in the chest.

There are many methods to fight hair loss but your choice should be based on the doctor’s recommendation. Take under consideration all the individual characteristics of your body. Without correct diagnosis it is impossible to find the right solution of this problem.

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways To Get Rid Of Baldness and Make Your Hair Shiny and Silky”

  1. Anna Joe says:

    I tried Finasteride. Then I wasn’t able to use it for 3 months and all the symptoms returned.

    1. Lusiii says:

      Are you serious? It helped me. But I’m taking it regularly. Now I’m scared of what will happen if I stop.

  2. Russelle Macapil says:

    I use the cap at home when I’m alone. My hair got really better. But I’m using it as a supportive therapy during my recovery process, not for the baldness treatment. It’s true, there are no unpleasant sensations during the procedures.

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