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How to Grow Hair After Ringworm

Ringworm is a widespread fungal infection. More than 90% of fungal infections in Europe and America are related to this disease.

One of the characteristic symptoms that damage the scalp is focal alopecia (it starts about a week after the changes in the condition of the skin). It remains for a long time, in some cases even forever. How can you deal with these spots?

General treatment methods

The prevalence of ringworm does not mean that it’s not a serious illness. With the wrong treatment, or without treatment, ringworm can turn into a chronic disease. After the end of therapy, even if it wasn’t a chronic form, the risk of recurrence is still high (if the spores remain on the skin or the hair).

That’s why it is important to apply these two strategies during the recovery of the skin and hair:

  • Prevention of the recurrence of fungus.
  • Stimulation of scalp and hair regeneration.

It is important to know that the cause of ringworm is dermatophyte mushrooms, which invade hair follicles and can ultimately destroy them at the advanced stage of the disease. Improper treatment can also aggravate this disastrous effect.

If the follicles on the affected area are lost forever, only surgery will help.

If the bulbs are damaged and weak, they will need time to recover – about five weeks or longer. But you can speed up this process.

Short haircut

This measure is often recommended to prevent ringworm recurrence, especially with children, since hair can still have spores. By shortening your hair, you are helping it regrow evenly. The difference between bald and healthy areas will not be so noticeable.


Antifungal Shampoo

Shampoos with ketoconazole and other fungicides not only kill the fungus, but also have a positive effect on hair restoration. During the treatment, they are used together with oral medications and ointments, according to the strictly prescribed frequency.

Regular care

Fungus likes moisture and dirt. That’s why you should take a break after using medical shampoo, and apply a regular shampoo and conditioner. Your hair and scalp will be clean. Don’t leave your hair damp – dry it well.

Gentle regimen

Don’t add extra stress to your hair. Wait until complete recovery. Postpone the usual chemical perm, hair straightening, dyeing, or other aggressive procedures.

Relapses prevention

The primary preventive measures of ringworm are:

  • Only use your own hygiene items and hats, and have clothes for every member of the family, especially outside the house.
  • Pets should undergo regular veterinary inspections. Cats and dogs may not experience bald spots when they have ringworm, so make sure they are inspected regularly.

Natural remedies

There are many natural and homemade remedies for alopecia that will help to restore your hair after ringworm:

  • onion,
  • castor oil,
  • burr oil,
  • other oils,
  • green tea,
  • coffee, etc.

Be careful with these remedies if you are still sick or your skin hasn’t recovered completely. Onion is very caustic, and the oils create high humidity and are not compatible with an untreated fungus. To avoid any unexpected reactions, always consult your doctor before applying any procedure.

Laser therapy

This is the safest method of local metabolism stimulation, hair growth, and strengthening of hair follicles. LLLT provides proven and visible results, and it will speed up the regrowth process of healthy hair. However, we still advise you to discuss the necessity, frequency, and duration with your doctor. After you have an official approval from the specialist, you can start using this very convenient device by yourself.

If you don’t sit twiddling your thumbs, then the fungus and bald patches will stay in the past like unpleasant memories.

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