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Baldness Caused by Thyroid Disorders: What To Do?

Baldness is not just a cosmetic problem – it might be also a signal of a serious health disorder in your body. Problems with the thyroid gland, such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, can be accompanied by increased hair loss. What should you do in this a situation?

Get medical advice

This is the first and the only thing you should do if you suspect thyroid disease. Don’t waste your time on self-treatment or you may seriously hurt yourself.

You need the help of a:

  • Dermatologist.
  • Endocrinologist.

First of all, visit a dermatologist (or trichologist). It will help you to figure out what kind of baldness you have:

  • Scarring, caused by infections or injuries.
  • Focal or androgenic, caused by heredity and various triggers.
  • Diffusive, when hair is thinning evenly over the entire head – it can be caused by problems with the thyroid gland.

A blood test for thyroid-stimulating hormone will show whether the thyroid gland produces too little (hypothyroidism) or too much (hyperthyroidism) hormones.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, you need to make an appointment with the endocrinologist.


Hormonal problems cannot be solved quickly. Treatment lasts for months or even years. A systematic following of the doctor’s recommendations will provide you a stable improvement of your thyroid condition and better quality hair.

Learn about the medicines you are taking

If you are undergoing any treatment at the moment, learn about all the possible side effects and carefully read the instructions before taking any medicine. Some medicines can impact the thyroid gland and worsen your hair condition or even cause hair loss.


Tell the dermatologist and endocrinologist about all your medications and procedures – it is very important. While you are treated for a thyroid disorder or alopecia, some of your symptoms may be temporarily caused by medications taken for other diseases.

Check the information twice

Don’t rush to buy a thyroid drug that you saw in a commercial on the internet, or the one recommended by a pharmacist or a close friend. Ask the doctor first. Certain medicines can be good for some people, but become poisonous for you.

Live a healthy lifestyle

Half of the drugs wouldn’t be necessary if we lived in balance with the needs of our body. Balancing your diet by eating healthy foods and performing physical activity would maximize the effect of medications.

You should ask the doctor for diet recommendations, exercise, or do some sports that are not too exhausting.

Search for alternatives

Often, one medicine is ineffective without supporting methods. Doctors monitor the effectiveness of their treatment and, if necessary, change medicines, plan, or even methods.

If you see that the treatment is moving too slowly and there are no results or almost no results, ask your doctor for alternatives.

Find friends with the same problem

Try to make contact with people who have lost or are losing their hair due to problems with the thyroid.

The advice from a person in the same situation is very valuable (of course, after a doctor’s approval). When someone has been treated for a long time and achieved success, it becomes a strong motivation. Finally, you will feel more relaxed when you realize how many people around you have the same trouble.

Of all the tips, there are two main ones: live a healthy lifestyle, and always consult a doctor. Patience and faith in yourself and in your success will help you win.

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3 thoughts on “Baldness Caused by Thyroid Disorders: What To Do?”

  1. Jenikka says:

    I was just thinking where to go( My hair started to fall out severely and I don’t know what should I do?

    1. Jaremy says:

      Don’t go anywhere besides the doctor. I had the same problem and now I’m finishing my therapy.

      1. Jenikka says:

        Who should I see the first – trichologist or endocrinologist?

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