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Who Invented the Laser?

Not so long time ago passed away the man who made a big contribution to the study of modern technologies and invented the laser. His name was Charles Hard Townes. Therapy, based on the technology using a laser, changed the view on the modern cosmetology and treatment of some diseases. It was a really important discovery, that helps millions of people to recover today.

Life and discoveries

Born in South Carolina (USA) this famous scientist started his career in the fifties. Back then at the beginning of his long journey to his grand discovery, he was a professor working in the “Bell telephone” company. Years later, Charles’s main discoveries were made in different branches of physics: quantum electronics, radioscopy, and radio astronomy. In 1964, for his fundamental contribution to the field of quantum electronics, which led to the creation of the laser, Townes was awarded the Nobel Prize. Charles suggested using the created lasers not only in physics but also in biology, medicine. The scientist had a great influence on the development of science in general and physics in particular. Colleagues were fond of his all-encompassing dedication to the science and his commitment to the active lifestyle, which still inspire other people to the new discoveries even today.

Laser therapy for hair

Today, lasers are widely used in medicine. They are used to prevent and treat hair loss. More information about it you can find here: https://www.grivamax.com/three-myths-treatment-alopecia-laser/. During recent decades, these devices have changed significantly, they have been upgraded and became more compact. They no longer occupy a huge space and do not require the participation of the physician during the treatment session. Now it’s a good looking baseball hat, that you can use anywhere anytime. The purpose of the laser is stimulating a hair follicle and the metabolic processes that contribute to the hair growth. Due to its convenient form and simplicity, regular therapy has become much easier. Now even the preventive measures can be done at home. It is practical, convenient and the most important – effective.

Now, getting a laser cap to fight a hair loss, you can honor the person who became the pioneer of the laser. Recently scientists also developed a method of using the laser to diagnose early stages of cancer, which helps to save humans lives. All this became possible only because of Charles Townes!

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