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10 Effective Methods to Keep Your Hair Healthy

The majority of people begin to panic if they see a bunch of hair on the pillow or in the shower. Hair loss is happening constantly. It’s getting more noticeable with age, after hormonal changes. In this case you shouldn’t panic. First thing you should do is to find the reason and take some measures.

We suggest 10 methods of strengthening your hair and protecting it from falling out.

  1. Healthy diet. It will help to strengthen the entire body and nourish it with healthy elements, which will make your hair shine. Your diet should always include protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12, which you can find in meat, greens, nuts and fish.
  2. During a shower massage your head. It will improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. The better results can bring massage with coconut oil, or some other oils, which increase hair growth.
  3. Minimize use of styling tools and accessories. Put aside hair dryer and flat iron, they make your locks brittle and weak. Try more natural and simple ways of hair styling.
  4. Stress is a factor which affects many processes in our body, including hair growth. Do you often feel nervous and depressed? Then be prepared for hair loss. Breathing exercises or meditations can help you to fight the stress. Yoga is a perfect solution. You can learn the basics attending group lessons.
  5. Chinese traditional medicine specialists believe, that hair loss might be a result of blood problems. Needle therapy can be a solution. But this method is not scientifically proven.

Hair care

  1. Try to spend more time outside, because vitamin D is important for hair thickness.
  2. From time to time have a medical check-up and take tests. Hair loss can be a result of hormonal disorder. Also, severe hair loss can be a symptom of several diseases. That’s why if you notice that your hair are falling out you should contact a doctor for a medical examination. Especially if hair loss is abrupt and severe.
  3. Baldness treatment requires a medicament therapy. There are several drugs which will help you to handle hair loss. But there is one necessary condition. Don’t choose it by yourself – consult your doctor.
  4. Many people can benefit from low-level laser therapy. A convenient size of the cap, which has diodes of red cold light with a wavelength of 650 nm. built in it, will make treatment much easier. It can be used independently at home, outside or even while playing sports. There are several models, which will help both with hair regeneration and baldness treatment.
  5. Surgical method of hair transplantation. It is quite painful and expensive procedure. Usually this method is used as a last chance, only if any other ones couldn’t really help.
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