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Hair Loss – Effective Treatments

The problem of hair loss is experienced by people of all ages and both genders, and it is always very unpleasant. Hair loss is depressing to everyone, bad for self-esteem and often is the indirect cause of failures in his or her personal life. Statistics show that one in three women in the world suffer from hair loss problems at some time in their lives. After the elimination of some factors such as seasonality or hair loss caused by diet, the problem will be resolved on its own. Other factors require additional assistance to the body.

The first step in understanding the cause of hair loss is to see the doctor. To do this, one should see a doctor.


First, a trichologist will examine the scalp to determine the thickness and the condition of the hair. After that, the doctor will refer to more testing:

  • general blood test;
  • biochemical analysis of blood (the content of trace elements, liver function markers, and other organ function markers);
  • thyroid hormone levels;
  • the level of sex hormones;
  • trichogramma (examination of the density and condition of the hair with the video camera).

It is possible an associated disease lead to hair loss. In this case, the underlying disease needs to be treated . After the diagnosis, it will be possible to identify the cause and find the treatment of baldness. For example, the latest innovation – laser cap hair helps in treatment of hair loss.

The main methods of treatment are the following :

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