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Our company is located in Richmond County, NY, and incorporated in 2010, we are a small business with offices in New York and New Jersey.

We produce and sell in our online store, GrivaMax laser cap developed for us according to analogous products, but are more affordable and competitive price.
In the production of our GrivaMax devices we use only industrial grade laser diodes used in medical applications of high quality and relevant specifications.

As the longest USA-based seller medical direction devices, our years of experience and relationship with the manufacturer put us in a unique position to bring these products to our customers quickly, and cost efficiently.
Our NY warehouse is always stocked with ample inventory of Laser Cap 272 Pro and 148 laser diodes models. Every GrivaMax device and battery undergoes strict quality testing. All our products are securely fitted into branded boxes.

Our online store works 7 days per week to bring exceptional customer service to our customers – through email support, processing orders, product assembly and testing and shipping.

For international customers (anyone outside the United States), depending on where the order is shipping to, we will have the product shipped from either our US warehouse or direct from our partner distribution purposes – whichever location results in the fastest delivery. Please visit our shipping page for detailed information.
To date, we have distributors in Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine (the list of countries will expand).
Customers from Europe and UK, for faster delivery we produce shipments from Poland.

While we are not a medical facility, some members of our staff provide us with a beneficial perspective that helps drive our business because they, like you, have a real-life personal understanding of hair loss such as androgenic alopecia.

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Despite the proven effectiveness of LLLT 650nm in certain types of baldness, it is not a panacea. If you’re concerned about intense hair loss or you just want to have a luxurious healthy hair is our solution for daily household use GrivaMax Laser Cap is just for you!

Unfortunately, the issue of hair loss is relevant to many people. So far for the regeneration and restoration of hair, many techniques are used, including laser therapy. It gives a stable positive result. But there are some inconveniences:

  1. You must undergo the procedures at the clinic, and make a working schedule.
  2. It’s hard emotionally. Many patients are embarrassed to talk about it or even come to see a doctor.

We offer a modern solution for treating baldness at home with laser-Laser Cap GrivaMax.

Seeming simplicity suggests to many that this may not work. This is not the case. The effectiveness of the procedure has been tested in practice, and we confidently say that it works! Try regeneration and renewal using caps recommended even by the skeptics. You will be really surprise.

GrivaMax offers a simple solution to a complicated problem!

    grivamax laser helmet
    laser helmet grivamaxGrivaMax-Pro7_29106о-114о-113о
    GrivaMax 272 PRO7

    $1,497.00 $849.00

    grivamax 148
    laser cap grivamax 148grivamax 148laser hat grivamax 148laser hat grivamax 148grivamax laser cap carrying casegrivamax laser helmet 650 nm for hair growthgrivamax Laser cap for hair growth is easy to use

    $979.00 $597.00

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