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Living with Baldness

The human nature is interesting: someone’s balding head does not seem to us terrible, and even can cause an affection. But if we lose our own hair, it becomes a tragedy.

There is no tragedy. You can fight with baldness without being emotional, or you can even keep living your life like nothing had happened. We hope that our article will help you to realize it and give you a plan for further action. Probably you don’t even need a very expensive and painful operation for hair transplantation.

Find out the reason

Before you ring the bells and spend money on shamans and miraculous pills, go to the trichologist. Proper examination, answering several questions and taking couple of tests will help you to find a reason of your baldness.

There are many possible reasons:

  • heredity (androgenetic alopecia),
  • thyroid disease,
  • scalp infection,
  • stress and fatigue.

Sometimes, hair loss can disappear by itself, and the hair will regain its previous density. In some cases, the factors of baldness can’t be removed, but even then you can at least noticeably slow down the process. The main thing is to know your enemy in person.

Find the treatment

There are clinically-proven drugs and methods for treating alopecia. For example, Minoxidil (Rogaine) or Finasteridum. Or low-level laser therapy. Therefore, there is no need to smear the “blood of a bat” over your head.

We strongly recommended you consulting your doctor to find the best way of treatment.

Change your haircut

Whether you are struggling with hair loss or not, you will be surprised with how much stylists can do. Ask them for help, and they will find a haircut for your current hair condition, which will make you look stylish. You will have no reason to lose your self-confidence.

Head bald

Shave your head bald

If you have a beautiful shape of the skull, such a radical decision can open a new movie star to the world. Look at Bruce Willis.

Grow the mustache and beard

Facial hair visually compensates for partial or complete absence of the hair on the head. Again, such a change of image may conceal amazingly new vision of style.


A good way for those who don’t want to experiment with short and ultrashort haircuts. The main thing is that the hair of the wig should match the natural color of your hair and its structure as much as possible. It should match your face and look in general.

Stylish hat

Do you like classical style? Look at the hats, there is a great variety of them. Do you prefer young and active style? A baseball cap is a good way to look cool and at the same time protect your eyes and face from the sun. Especially if this baseball cap heals baldness. Yes, such a unique device-cap exists. Its effect is based on the technology of low-level laser therapy. Radiation improves the nutrition of the follicles and hair begins to grow.

Stop comparing yourself with others

There is always someone who is better. But everyone can’t own the power of Schwarzenegger, the feet of Ronaldo and the voice of Caruso. Maybe you are the best in the city in cooking an omelet. Then why to compare?


Don’t hide it too much

When you begin to mask the defects of your appearance, the main thing is not to overdo it. If you don’t take off your hat, even in the buildings – it’s very suspicious, right? Maybe last time you washed your hair was a month ago? The curious people will have a wonderful excuse to investigate. The more you hide, the more stubbornly people will follow the trail. More likely they don’t mean anything bad, they are just being curious and looking for entertainment.

Remember how many cool guys don’t try to hide a bald head and they don’t lose their attractiveness.

Accept your baldness

This is the bravest way. Whether you treat baldness or not, hide it or not, the main thing is to maintain your confidence with a wig or without it, with a hat or with a bare head. Staying calm is much more useful than being nervous – that will only worsen your condition. Calm person is always more attractive.

Realize that you are beautiful inside and out with baldness or without it. Accept yourself entirely. You are unique, and as soon as this feeling becomes a part of you, others will become victims of your inevitable charisma.

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2 thoughts on “Living with Baldness”

  1. Kaosar Ahmed says:

    I went through that. Until I managed to calm down, I did not succeed at all. As soon as I accepted myself, the treatment worked as well.

    1. JaniferCrus says:

      As I see that, stresses can also cause the baldness.

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