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Treatment of androgenetic alopecia – how to stop baldness

Treatment of androgenetic alopecia is a long and costly process (for example cost of hair replacement), which requires a lot of patience and willingness to scrupulously follow the prescriptions of the physician. Despite the fact that the problem of androgenetic alopecia among women is still not fully understood, scientists offer many effective ways to slow the process of hair loss.

Internal medicinal effects

Medicines that help stop progressive hair loss are chosen strictly individually. In addition, the cost of hair restoration is high enough. Therefore physician-trichologist should prescribe preparations after a comprehensive survey. In many cases, to achieve the result a special regimen of treatment that combines multiple drugs is compiled.

The hair is very sensitive to the emotional well-being of women. That is why it is so important during treatment to keep calm and a good frame of mind.

If you started to use drugs against alopecia, it is absolutely necessary to undertake a full course, very precisely observing all the recommendation of a doctor. If there is a sudden stop of usage of medicine, it will trigger the so-called effect of cancellation – hair will start falling out even more than it was before.

Laser therapy

In many cases, to combat hair loss, including during the hair loss after childbirth, laser therapy helps. The course of laser treatment can be in a clinic; there are powerful and modern setups that allow you to achieve good results in a short time. However, a visit to the clinic requires a lot of time and money. A good alternative is the opportunity to be treated at home. An example is laser cap for hair loss. The advantage is that laser therapy sessions can be conducted anytime, anywhere, and for as long as it takes to achieve maximum effect.

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