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Why Men Go Bald: Reasons and Treatments

The majority of men don’t pay any attention to their hair until they have problems with it. They begin to worry only when their hair quality is changing and the situation is getting out of control. After all the stresses and attempts to cover up the lack of hair with a well-chosen hairdo, we pull ourselves together and start to actively search for useful recommendations. In this article, you will find information about the causes of baldness or excessive hair loss.

Diseases and baldness

  • Increased level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone is a metabolite of testosterone. Increased concentration of it can lead to impotence and… hair loss.
  • Those who are exposed to the problem of baldness often face a benign prostatic hyperplasia. There are a number of drugs that can fight this disease, but the side effect can be the loss of libido, ejaculation dysfunction, and erectile dysfunction.
  • Some studies have shown a link between prostate cancer and hair loss.
  • In another study that involved about 40,000 men suffering from baldness, 70% of respondents had a high risk of problems with the cardiovascular system.

It is well known that prevention is easier than treatment, so we present the top 10 reasons to improve the situation.

10. Severe physical activity

For many men, regular exercise is a part of their lifestyle. However, intense training may cause jumps in testosterone. Of course, sports have an excellent effect on your body, but sometimes it can cause problems with hair. Dihydrotestosterone can lead to complete or partial loss of hair. Remember that excessive exercising can be harmful to your body. Everything is good in moderation.


9. Scalp inflammation

Skin inflammation occurs due to pathogenic microorganisms. The most common reason is the increased work of the sebaceous glands. In this case, there is a blockage of the pores which causes itching. Fungus that damages the scalp causes redness and irritation, worsening hair growth. It is necessary to consult a trichologist who will prescribe the correct treatment to solve the problem.

8. Autoimmune diseases

Alopecia areata is a common condition with autoimmune diseases. The body’s immune system is able to erroneously attack the hair follicles. When this happens, the tissues and cells that are important for the formation of the hair are affected, which leads to different types of baldness.

Not all methods of hair restoration received medical approval and passed clinical trials. The approved ones are: hair transplantation, drug treatment, and low-level laser therapy.

7. Bad habits

Smoking narrows the blood vessels, including the ones that are situated in the head. This causes starvation of the hair follicles. Instead of useful substances, cells accumulate toxins, which negatively affects hair growth. The body is aging sooner and bald patches begin to appear. The best solution is to avoid all harmful habits in favor of your health.

6. Healing with sleep

Scientists suggest when our biological clock is disturbed, the hair growth cycles also fail. Sooner or later, it will lead to baldness. That’s why it’s necessary to sleep at least 7 hours each night in order to properly rest your body and mind. Instead of extra time at work or playing video games, it is better to dedicate this time to your body’s recovery.

5. Stress

During stress, your body experiences shock and produces a large amount of hormones and metabolites. One of them is cortisol. A high level of cortisol causes baldness and has a number of other negative effects. It is necessary to learn how to control stress. Meditation, yoga, walking in the nature, listening to music, and laughing are ways to improve your health.


4. Medications

Drugs can certainly harm your hair. There are many potentially dangerous drugs. These include hormonal drugs, anticoagulants, antithyroid drugs, contraceptives and many others. Medicines for high cholesterol treatment or high blood pressure can cause a negative impact as well.

3. Unbalanced diet

Proper nutrition will not only help to build a healthy body, but will also save your hair. When losing weight, you need to consider the body’s need for vitamins and elements, since their deficiency can lead to baldness. First of all, the diet should contain foods rich in biotin: oysters, avocados, nuts, and salmon. Also, it is necessary to study about various kinds of food supplements which are rich in protein and vitamins. They will help to normalize the balance of micro-elements in your body and improve the hair condition.

2. Hormonal therapy

If you decided to take hormonal drugs to grow muscle or strengthen sexual desire… think twice. If you have male pattern baldness, then you have an even higher risk. Testosterone converted into DHT becomes the main reason for severe hair loss.

If this is already happening, then try low-level laser therapy to stop the balding. Before buying a gadget, don’t forget to consult a trichologist.

1. Genetics

Androgenic alopecia is almost impossible to escape. There are more than 200 genes that regulate hair growth, hair loss, color, etc. However, there is also a gene that is responsible for alopecia – the gene of androgen sensitivity. If you have inherited it, the testosterone metabolite dihydrotestosterone will severely destroy your hair follicles, which leads to hair loss.

There are many causes of baldness. In order to find the right solution, it is necessary to be checked by a trichologist. With competent treatment and a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to resume the growth of strong and beautiful hair.

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4 thoughts on “Why Men Go Bald: Reasons and Treatments”

  1. Lisa D. Maryea says:

    I was wondering why my hair is falling out severely? I train actively, I stay on a diet and drink protein… now I would like to understand what exactly affects my hair loss.

    1. Brisbonee says:

      Be gentle and accurate when handling your child’s hair. It can be applied to any activity with your little one.

  2. Kimberly Wills says:

    I saw that my hair was falling out, and went to the trichologist. Now I can get treatment even during work-outs. I’m exercising while wearing the cap. Then I take it off and keep working out.

    1. Anjela says:

      What did you buy? Was it low-level laser therapy? I see the cap on the site. Is this the one?

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