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Stop Being Naive! 15 Myths about Baldness

Like any burning issue, hair loss generates a lot of superstitions, delusions, and prejudices. Some of them have real ground, while some can be classified as delirium. Let’s get rid of delusions about hair loss forever!

Myth 1. Hair can fall out due to overexposure to the sun

Yes, overexposure to the sun is harmful. It can hurt the skin, causing burns, which stimulates early aging and the development of cancer cells. Burning sun rays are not good for hair, either. Hair changes structure, and gets weak, dry, and brittle. But it doesn’t fall out right away! This effect is possible only if you are exposed to direct, burning sun rays absolutely every day.

Myth 2. Frequent washing and overuse of shampoo can increase hair loss

This myth was based on everyday observations. During routine washing or combing, we may notice a little bit more severe hair loss. In reality, this amount equals the number of hair in the telogen phase, which is ready to leave the head during this cycle. By overusing shampoo and other cosmetic products, you are depriving your scalp of natural protection, causing your hair to weaken. But it has nothing to do with alopecia or baldness.

Myth 3. By plucking a gray hair, you lose two more

Sounds like magic. It’s not true. Hair gets gray for other reasons, different from the ones that cause hair loss. Removing a gray hair causes the growth of another gray hair at the same spot, as long as the follicle is still alive.

Myth 4. Standing on your head can stimulate hair growth

Theoretically, it is true: in an upside-down position, more blood flows to the scalp, improving hair nourishment. But nobody can stay in this position long enough to actually make this process effective.

Hair loss

Myth 5. High level of testosterone might be a reason for hair loss

It is true, but not exactly. Baldness is caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a biologically active form of testosterone. Of course, with a higher level of testosterone, more DHT will be produced.

Myth 6. Hair loss in a hereditary trait that we inherit from our mother

The human genome is a unique combination of the father’s and mother’s material. Baldness can be inherited from either parent, but the chances are higher if both of them suffered from it. Hair loss can’t be inherited from only the mother’s side.

Myth 7. Wearing caps or hats can cause hair loss

This myth is probably based on confusing cause and effect. Very often, a person with thinning hair starts wearing a hat to hide it. There is no scientific evidence proving this connection.

Myth 8. Dead hair follicles can be regrown

If a hair follicle is dead, the only way to replace it with a new one is with surgery. But you can stimulate so-called “sleeping” follicles with certain procedures. One of them is low-level laser therapy (LLLT).

Myth 9. Hair loss gets worse later in life

Unfortunately, hair can start falling out at quite young age, even as early as 20 or 15, due to the different reasons.

Myth 10. If your grandfather lost his hair, you can’t avoid it

Don’t blame your grandpa. As we mentioned earlier, your genome depends not only on him. Yes, you have a good chance, but it’s not 100% guaranteed.


Myth 11. Minoxidil is the only solution for women

Yes, this medication is well-known to most people who suffer from hair loss. It is effective, but it’s not the only treatment method for hair loss in women.

Myth 12. Topical treatment will work only on the scalp

Don’t underestimate the wholeness of your body. Your scalp has pores, which absorb the topical treatment you applied – cream or ointment. This product goes with the bloodstream throughout the entire body.

Myth 13. Oral contraceptives don’t cause hair loss

Everything depends on the type of contraceptive and the patient’s reaction to it. If a woman is sensitive to men’s hormones and genetically predisposed to baldness, then pills with progesterone might cause unpleasant side effects. Progesterone can be easily converted to men’s hormones.

Myth 14. Women get bald the same way as men

First of all, not all men get bald the same way, even if there are common patterns. Very often women lose their hair in a diffused way, around the entire scalp area. Hair loss with men is concentrated in certain areas, usually the top of the head.

Myth 15. Hair loss is not reversible

The most harmful myth, which costs many people to lose their attractiveness. Yes, in some situations, nothing can be done. But in most of the cases, your doctor can help.

These are not all the delusions about hair loss, but the most common ones, which create confusion and ignorance. Now that we know they are harmful and useless, it’s time to forget about them forever.

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One thought on “Stop Being Naive! 15 Myths about Baldness”

  1. Salma Tuniziane says:

    I’m predisposed to hair loss and I was always afraid of losing hair too early. Now I know what I’m really supposed to do, and what recommendations I shouldn’t believe.

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