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Is Water Quality Related to Hair Loss?

Water affects the physiological and biochemical processes of all living things. Health directly depends on its quality. Let’s talk about how this fact can change our hair, and whether it can be the cause of baldness.

Water has a life-giving power for hair

In fact, life on Earth consists of a certain amount of water, and the human body is no exception. All biochemical processes are impossible without this component. 10-15% of human hair consists of this vital substance, which is responsible for hair nutrition and protection. Water participates in the life cycle from the beginning to the end.

However, besides the importance of water for our hair, under certain conditions, it can promote pathological changes, or even hair loss. Water quality is an important aspect of hair care, especially water hardness.

What is flowing from the tap?

Often, tap water is not high quality, and besides ruining household electrical appliances, it can also negatively affect our hair, nails, and skin. So, routine washing then leads to changes to the hair structure and appearance.

Water hardness can be caused by a very high content of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. During hair washing, these elements accumulate on the surface, and negatively affect hair structure and properties. Hard water also damages hair follicle, contributing to the process of hair loss, since the follicle is the main source of life of the hair. That’s when you may notice a significant amount of hair on your hairbrush, pillow, and start to see areas of reduced hair growth (partial or total baldness).

The water temperature also plays an important role during washing. It should not exceed 96 F. If this requirement isn’t met, then not only your hair but also the scalp will be affected by the negative consequences.

Signs of hair damage:

  • dryness,
  • brittleness,
  • the appearance of dandruff,
  • split ends,
  • hair becomes difficult to style,
  • an absence of gloss,
  • loss and formation of balding zones.


How to determine the quality of water?

You don’t have to use expensive devices to determine the quality of the tap water. Just trust your judgment and pay attention to the following signs:

  1. Shampoo and soap don’t foam well in hard water, and soft water does a poor job of quickly washing off detergents.
  2. The look and smell of the water can be an indicator of hardness. You will need a glass to see it better. Put it on some printed text and pour some tap water. If you can easily read the text through a glass of water, it means that it is transparent and is high quality. Color can be determined by standing the glass on a white sheet. The shade will be dark if the water contains organic substances. Water shouldn’t have any extraneous sharp odors.
  3. Spots. Spray a mirror or glass with water. If the stains (traces) are left after drying, it may be a sign of poor quality water.
  4. Boiling. Pay attention to the bottom of the teapot. A quick forming of chalky buildup is a sign of hard water with a significant content of calcium and other elements.
  5. Taste qualities. Boil water and cool it down to room temperature. A sweet taste indicates the presence of gypsum. Magnesium salts cause bitterness, and a tart taste is a sign of excessive iron content.
  6. Sediment. Leave the water in the glass container and let it sit. You will soon see sediment if the water is poor quality. The color of the residue will depend on the excessive concentration of a specified component. For example, white means the presence of a significant amount of calcium, while red indicates excessive iron, etc.

Prevention of hair loss

To protect yourself from hair problems and to keep your hair healthy, you must follow these rules:

  1. Determine the quality of tap water using the above methods.
  2. Use filtered water for hair washing if the tap water is poor quality.
  3. Install a filter (reverse osmosis), so you can avoid the negative consequences of poor quality water, not only on the hair, but the entire body.
  4. An excessive amount of shampoo and frequent hair washing won’t improve the situation, but will only make it worse.

GrivaMax Laser Cap will help to strengthen hair follicles, improve local blood supply and restore the structure of the hair, and even treat baldness. This is not a solution, and the problem of bad water will still have to be solved. The positive effect of low-level laser therapy will become noticeable soon enough: hair loss will be reduced, dandruff will disappear, and your hair will be shiny again.

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