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13 Methods for Hair Restoration after Chemotherapy

Cancer is a very serious and complicated disease. The therapy and medications that are used for cancer treatment have many side effects that impact the function of many systems, including hair loss, which can be severe to the point of complete baldness.

Baldness caused by chemotherapy is temporary, but everyone wants to recover from it as soon as possible, and these 13 tips will help you to do it:

  1. Ask your doctor about the impact of medication on hair growth. Some drugs can weaken follicles or cause hair loss. Ask if it’s possible to minimize the side effects, and how it can be done.
  2. You should prepare your family and friends for the possibility of losing your hair. Especially when speaking with children, you should explain to them why it is happening. Be optimistic and try to gently announce the news.
  3. You have to refuse hair products which contain alcohol or salicylic acid, stop dying your hair or getting a perm, and discontinue the use curlers or a flat iron. It is preferable to comb with soft brushes and avoid hair dryers, letting your hair dry naturally.
  4. You can try to switch your hair style to a shorter one. This way, your hair will appear thicker and stronger. If you have to wear wig at some point, it will be easier to do so with a short haircut. If you decide to cut your hair, make sure you are using an electric shaver and not a plastic one, which can easily traumatize your skin. The best solution is to use the help of a hairdresser.


  1. The scalp needs special treatment because hair loss may cause itchiness, tingling, or pain. In this case, you can use moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, or lotions for scalp massage.
  2. Don’t braid your hair into a tight tail or twist. It’s better to pull it up under a soft hat. It is also recommended to use soft, silky bed sheets that won’t irritate your skin during sleep.
  3. Wear scarfs or hats when you go outside – they will protect you from the cold and direct sunlight. If you shaved your hair, use sunscreen to protect your skin from from sunburns.
  4. In case you need one, you can wear a wig, which will be cheaper than the procedure for hair prosthesis.
  5. Don’t feel embarrassed, and try to show confidence in your appearance. A beautiful scarf or earrings, accurate makeup, and other methods can help you feel attractive.
  6. Visit the doctor for a head cooling procedure. The purpose of this procedure is to treat your scalp with a cold gel, which will decrease the risk of hair loss. Temperature affects blood vessels in the head, and prevents negative drug effects on the the hair follicles.
  7. Try to not avoid society, and share your feelings. Otherwise, hair loss can cause you to feel depressed. It`s much more difficult for women to go through this stage. In the worst case, you can always see a doctor.
  8. Be patient. Hair starts to grow rather soon after chemotherapy (within several weeks). Changes will happen, but they are temporary and you should understand that.
  9. During the hair restoration process, after consulting with a doctor, you can use a therapy that will speed up the follicle regeneration process. We are talking about low level laser therapy with laser caps. Using the cap won’t take too much time or energy. All you need to do is wear a cap while doing the things you normally do at home or outside. Meanwhile, your hair will be restored.

Is it hard? No. Try to not get stressed. What happened to you is temporary, and it will go away soon. A balanced diet, tranquility, self-confidence, consultation with specialist, and our recommendations will help.

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