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Radiation Therapy Side Effect: Hair Loss

During the treatment process of some diseases, the only method is radiation. However, radiation not only removes (suppresses) “bad” cells in the human’s body, but also can cause some changes in healthy structures, such as destroying follicles which lead to hair loss.

Radiation impact on hair

Radiation or chemotherapy can become the reason for minor or complete hair loss. As a rule, hair loss becomes noticeable about 3-4 weeks after the beginning of the therapy. For many people, it’s a psychological trauma, so they cut their hair right before the procedure. Wearing a wig can be a solution. It’s not difficult to choose one. Specialized stores offer a big variety of wigs in different colors and hairstyles.

Depending on the radiation intensity or the dosage of medications (during chemotherapy), baldness can be either temporary or permanent. With the temporary one, hair normally grows back in about three-six months. Hair will look thin, weak, and lifeless.

Hair loss

How to take care of your scalp after radiation therapy?

The scalp is sensitive to radiation. Right after the procedure, hair will start slowly falling out, and the skin might get irritated. If you don’t protect it from direct sunlight, it can become pink and painfully tender. Two-three weeks after the procedure, the scalp will get dry and you may experience itchiness. In order to avoid this, you should see a doctor, who will help you to solve the problem. Self-treatment, like using some weird recipe is not recommended. It can only worsen the situation.

Scalp dryness and irritation are temporary, and you should understand that you will notice improvement two weeks after the therapy course is over. In some cases, you might be prescribed special medications, which will help you reduce discomfort and itchiness.

In order to minimize all those unpleasant reactions, you should follow these rules:

  • Not recommended:
    • washing hair too often,
    • combing vigorously,
    • combing too often when hair begins to grow back,
    • using hair dryers, sprays, flat irons, oils, and gels.
  • Recommended:
    • using gentle shampoos,
    • washing with warm water,
    • wiping dry with a soft towel,
    • protecting your head from direct sunlight (scarfs, shawls, hats).

Regeneration therapy

To speed up the regeneration processes, you should eat well, walk in the fresh air (wearing clothes from natural materials, which will protect you from direct sunlight), don’t let depression take you over (join special support groups). Take good care of your skin and hair, and definitely see the doctor. You can probably use additional methods for hair regeneration.

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2 thoughts on “Radiation Therapy Side Effect: Hair Loss”

  1. Nusrat Jahan says:

    Can I use a laser cap after radiation therapy?

    1. GrivaMax says:

      Yes, laser hair regrowth method will help you to restore hair quicker after the radiation therapy. But you should consult a doctor first.

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