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How Can Zinc Help With Hair Loss?

It’s not a well known fact, but hair loss might be caused by an excessive amount of zinc in our bodies. Scientists have proven that the lack of zinc in our body can also cause different problems, which is why we should carefully control how much we consume.

Importance of zinc for our health

Zinc is an element that plays an important role in our health. It affects hormonal balance, protein synthesis, cells function, and the digestibility of many nutrients. The lack of it negatively impacts metabolism processes, and causes the appearance of many diseases.

Zinc deficiency is called hypozincemia and can because by malnutrition or inadequate absorption of the element by the organism. Chronic liver disorders, sickle-cell anemia, diabetes, diarrhea and cancer can be a reason for hypozincemia.

Vitamins A and B can also be a sign of zinc deficiency.

Hair loss can be one of the main signs of zinc deficiency. Diarrhea, increased skin sensitivity, amyotrophy, and acne also can signal low zinc levels. If you don’t detect this problem early, the result can be anorexia, appetite disorder, uncontrollable weight loss, hair loss and other problems.

The risk group includes elderly people, alcoholics, and people who suffer from anorexia or use starvation diets.

Zinc and hair loss

It is important to control the balance of zinc in our body for the following reasons:

  • the element participates in cells regeneration,
  • controls hormonal balance,
  • helps to absorb nutrients.

But we also have to remember that too much is not good for our health.


Zinc balance in the organism

It is important to mention that excessive levels of zinc in the body can also cause hair loss. Excessive zinc levels interfere with the osmosis of necessary elements, such as magnesium and iron, and also stimulates the production of testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone, combined with an imbalance of other hormones, leads to the changing of hair structures and further hair loss. Here you can find information about signs of severe hair loss: https://www.grivamax.com/first-signs-baldness/.

We should remember that zinc stimulates hair follicle growth. Its deficiency can change and weaken follicle structure. Because of this, hair starts to fall out faster than new ones can grow.

Not only deficiency, but also inconsistent zinc levels can cause poor absorption of copper, iron, and magnesium, which promotes hair loss and other skin problems.

Natural replenishment from a zinc deficiency

Since both excessive and insufficient levels of zinc have a negative impact on hair growth, it is important to maintain a balance while not exceeding the recommended daily dose. Sufficient amounts can be found in these foods:

  • egg yolks,
  • liver,
  • poultry,
  • soy products,
  • wheat sprouts,
  • pumpkin seeds,
  • red meat.

These foods are not only rich in zinc, but also in many other healthy elements, minerals, and vitamins. Eating a well balanced diet will do wonders for a person with a zinc deficiency. But if your hair is still dull and continues to fall out, you need to see the doctor, who will help you with identifying the problem and finding the right solution. Laser Cap can be helpful in treatment of some types of baldness.

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