Results of the Laser Cap

Laser therapy for hair restoration has been used effectively for years. Laser awakens the growth of healthy hair, making hair look significantly thicker and healthier. GrivaMax Laser Cap for hair restoration can be used at home, on vacation and even at work. Just think! While you do your daily work — the process of regeneration and restoration of hair is being done!

The result becomes visually noticeable after 2-3 months of treatment. But often the improvement is noticeable in the first month. This is evident in the growth of hair. So the hair becomes thicker and shinier. For maximum effect, experts recommend using GrivaMax Laser Cap constantly with small breaks so acclimatization is avoided.

Studies have shown considerably better results LLLT 650nm therapy (GrivaMax laser cap in particular) provides using Minoxidil 5% in combination with a DHT blocker and microneedling such as with a derma roller.
*Individual results of laser hair growth may vary. Users reviews confirm the results.

Healthy hair without the hassle by GrivaMax!

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    grivamax laser helmet
    laser helmet grivamaxGrivaMax-Pro7_29106о-114о-113о
    GrivaMax 272 PRO7

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    grivamax laser cap
    grivamax laser cap 272 prolaser cap grivamaxlaser hat grivamaxgrivamax carrying casegrivamax hair regrowthlaser helmet griva max 272

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