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How to Cure Dandruff to Prevent Hair Loss

Dandruff can become an accidental cause of hair loss. White scales can also indicate other problems that cause baldness, for example, psoriasis or thyroid disease.

That’s why it is important to understand the main cause of dandruff, and only then begin the treatment. What else can you do to eliminate dandruff symptoms?

Healing Shampoo

The first and most logical step. Effective anti-dandruff shampoo can only be prescribed by the doctor, and it has nothing to do with advertised products from commercials. Prescribed shampoo should contain antifungal supplements, since fungus is the main “hero” in this story.

Zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide, ketoconazole, tar, and salicylic acid are the most effective elements in the fight against dandruff.

Dermatologists recommend to begin applying therapeutic shampoo daily, and then two or three times a week. It is also useful to make five-minute masks from this shampoo. Just leave it on your head before rinsing.

Dandruff remedies

If shampoo didn’t bring the right results, there are other dandruff remedies: concentrated, intensive medicines, ointments, and pills. The choice of medication and treatment plan should be determined by the doctor.


Head massage before washing

Massage improves the cleaning process of scalp from the scales. It stimulates local blood circulation and metabolism. Be gentle while moving the pads of your fingers in circular motions. Make sure you don’t damage the skin. This can cause itching, or even worse, flaking.

Stress prevention

By saying goodbye to stress, you can solve many health problems, including relapses of seborrhea. If you want to have a long and healthy life – live peacefully.

Healthy diet

Make sure you consume enough vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, iodine, and selenium with your food. If a number of vitamins are not sufficient – try to increase. You can also ask your doctor about dietary supplements.

Home-made natural remedies

There are plenty to choose from:

You not only choose a method or a remedy, but also a convenient way of using it. For example, tea tree oil can be mixed with a base oil (olive oil) to make oil wraps. You can just simply add it to your regular shampoo.

The main thing in the treatment of dandruff is to not rely only on yourself. You must be sure about the causes of dandruff. Ask your doctor about therapeutic, alternative, and home remedies.

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