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Why does hair loss happen?

A person loses about 100 hairs per day (the norm is 100-150), but we don’t notice it since new hair grows out in their place. But if the hair growth slows down or, for some reason, hair loss is accelerated, this may be the beginning of baldness (scientific name “alopecia”).

What problems are associated with hair loss?

Immune system. Hair loss can be caused by a decline in immunity. This often happens when the body is weakened or is in a constant state of stress. In addition, frequent respiratory diseases of infectious nature can also cause hair loss. Read more https://www.grivamax.com/low-level-laser-therapy-hair-loss/.

The lack of micronutrients. Lack of iron in the female body can occur due to monthly blood loss during menstruation or abuse of various diets. Constant fasting, resulting in anaemia, somnolence, and weakness, are all signs of iron deficiency in the body. Moreover, even if the body does not experience deficit in vitamins and microelements, trophism of the tissues of the scalp may be compromised. In this case, the laser caps can increase the flow of nutrients to the hair bulbs.

Reaction to medications. Many medications have this effect on the scalp and hair. Negative consequences could be caused by birth control pills, steroids, antidepressants and diuretics.

Hormonal disorders. The hair loss is influenced by certain hormones, rather their imbalances. For women, an excess of the male sex hormone testosterone can cause named imbalances. In addition, the causes of the disease can become disorders of endocrine system, such as diabetes. If the follicles are totally lost, only hair loss restoration treatment will help.

Infectious diseases. Hair loss could be caused by infectious diseases such as scalp Seborrhea and dermatitis. Causes of dermatitis can be both external and internal agents state of the whole body, for example, an allergic reaction.

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