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5 Mistakes That Can Aggravate Hair Loss

Panic is the first reaction of a large number of people who experience hair loss. They desperately start to search for a unique product that will magically solve all their problems. Usually they buy “magical’’ (and not expensive at all) shampoo or lotion that helped “that one guy from the commercial’’. They start “treatment” without any recommendation or a diagnosis from the doctor. That’s how they are wasting their time without any results. Stress that they experience after this discovery becomes another trigger for further hair loss. How do you explain all that? Bad luck? Not at all! Here we describe the top-5 main mistakes that people who experience hair loss make. Read it and don’t be fooled anymore!

Long hair can hide receding hairlines

Mistake: “If I grow my hair long, then it will become less obvious’’. I will “compensate the volume with length’’…

It’s not true that long hair can hide the destructive process of balding. On one hand, you can hide bald spots with your hairstyle. It will be less noticeable than with a short haircut. But on the other hand, you shouldn’t forget that longer hair is heavier, which adds extra weight to hair roots, causing more hair loss.

Visit to your doctor

Hair should be washed every day

The majority of people think that it’s necessary to wash your hair every day to make it healthy and clean.

This is another myth. Daily use of shampoo or conditioner can cause destruction of the natural hair structure. You should have a shower every day (sometimes even twice), but it’s not necessary to also wash your hair every time. With this useless effort, you risk the beauty of your hair.

Hair should be brushed perfectly

When brushing and styling our hair, we want to be fashionable. We don’t think about the amount of products which clog our hair, resulting in the need for more frequent washes.

Short hair doesn’t need to be combed several times a day. You can use your hands for that. Longer hair doesn’t need constant brushing either. Just find a style that will be easy to maintain and stop fighting with your hair. The result of this fight can be hair loss. Follicles are so weak after the “struggle” for the perfect hairstyle that they just give up.

Hair growth and hair loss depend on your food habits

Fast food is the main diet of many busy people. Bigger sandwiches, more mayonnaise, giant and unbalanced burgers, muffins, and pastries are not good for your health and hair.

We can’t deny what we’ve heard since childhood from our parents and teachers – nutrition has a big impact on all the processes of the body, including the health of our hair. A balanced diet can help us to keep our body and hair in perfect condition. Are you planning to become a vegetarian? This article is about how switching diet can cause hair loss: https://www.grivamax.com/newly-vegetarians-hair-loss/.

To achieve the best results you can consult a doctor who may recommend you hair fortifying vitamins. After turning 30 years old our body experiences vitamin B and iron insufficiency, both elements are very important for the healthy hair.

Hair care

You don’t need to get too upset if you notice severe hair loss – nothing will help anyway

If your hair falls out, then it’s meant to be. Another mistake is that people are desperately looking for a perfect remedy. Others just ignore the problem.

You can ignore the problem for a while, but the situation will only get worse with time. Hair loss happens for a reason. Usually it is a signal about problems in your body.

First of all, you should admit that there is a problem and go to the doctor, who can help you to figure out what is causing it and give you a competent recommendation on the appropriate bald treatment method.

One of the most popular and effective methods for treating baldness is a laser cap. It sounds unusual, but it works! It will not only stop your hair loss, but will also noticeably improve your hair condition.

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