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Hair Loss – Risk Factors

Hair loss can be experienced by everyone. But the severity of the problem in each case will be different. As a rule, the intensity of the loss depends on the types of hair loss and various factors intensity of hair loss depends on the baldness type or slowing down the process.

Heredity. If at least one parent suffered from hair loss, it is very likely that you will also encounter this problem.

Serious disease, severe infection, or a complicated surgery. Some diseases, such as autoimmune, can lead to hair loss. The most dangerous for the hair are scalp ringworm, systemic lupus erythematosus and multiple thyroid dysfunctions.

Age. Hair loss problem is often escalated after 50 years of age. This is associated with hormonal changes in the body, vascular problems, and with the reduction in its adaptive capacities.

Pregnancy and childbirth. After 2-3 months, when the hormones of a woman are beginning to recover after the childbirth, the hair, which barely fell out during the pregnancy, crumble almost simultaneously . This creates the impression of abundant hair loss. Laser for hair loss can help in solving this problem .

Defective or unbalanced diet. Lack of vitamins and minerals, as well as animal protein is one of the most common causes of hair loss . Vegetarians and those who constantly are on strict diets, especially those excluding proteins, may encounter this problem.

Antineoplastic drugs and chemotherapy. Most drugs used to treat cancer, stop the division of cells. A person can lose all of the hair, but with a favorable course of the disease after treatment the hair restores. Hair loss laser cap can help speed up the recovery process.

Wrong hair care. Incorrectly chosen cosmetic tools and mechanical damage to the hair and scalp can increase hair loss. But this risk factor, perhaps the most harmless of all, can trigger hair loss.

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