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Seasonal Hair Loss: Myth or Reality

You can find a lot of information about seasonal hair loss. Many people notice a larger amount of hair being lost during the summer and winter, usually after combing or washing. Swedish researches have confirmed, that in certain cases, hair loss can be caused by seasonal changes.

How does it usually happen?

Normally, a person can lose between 50 to 150 hairs per day. It is a normal process that is part of the hair growth cycle. The life cycle of one hair is between 24 to 72 months (2-6 years). During this time, it is constantly growing. Meanwhile, 90% of hair is in the process of active growth, and 10% is resting (telogen phase).

Growth phases and seasons

Studies have shown that around July, the number of hairs in the telogen phase increases. Since damaged hair usually falls out within 100 days, it will become more severe by the end of fall. This probably happens because hair is stressed from the summer heat.


Swedish scientists came to an agreement that during the hot time of the year, hair growth is more active in order to protect the head from the sun and its intense ultraviolet radiation. As fall arrives, there is no need for extra hair – so the process of losing hair begins.

Hair loss from October to November is likely a seasonal process. The process itself is natural because lost hair is replaced with new ones, and it isn’t very noticeable. But if hair regrowth takes a very long time and there are some bald spots around the head, it can be a red flag and the first sign of baldness. Read more about why is it happening in winter: https://www.grivamax.com/stop-hair-loss-winter/.

If hair loss only happens seasonally, there is no reason to worry. Human beings, just like other mammals, tend to shed during the fall and spring time. If you experience constant hair loss and it gets more severe with time, then you need to see a specialist who will educate you on the procedures for hair restoration. For example, you can try Laser Cap.

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