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Coffee and Hair Protection from Aggressive Dyes

Beauty requires sacrifices – this phrase justifies the insane pursuit of perfection. Curling, laminating, or dyeing your hair can cause the development of numerous side reactions. If that happens, women begin to look for efficient and expensive methods of treatment, which leads to a vicious cycle. How can you help your hair with regular coffee?

Why can hair dye be dangerous?

Regular hair dyeing leads to a gradual ruining of the hair structure, and eventually hair loss. Some manufacturers try to convince customers that their chemical hair dyes contain natural components. However, it’s just a myth. During constant dyeing, the structure of the hair changes, the hair follicle collapses, and the scalp suffers. Such a process can lead to baldness.

A procedure of dramatic transition from a darker shade to a lighter one is especially traumatic. In this case, the pigment of the hair is removed under the influence of a concentrated solution of certain chemical substances. Dyeing destroys not only the structure of the hair, but also can cause a general allergic reaction of the body.

The consequences of permanent dyeing:

  • brittle and dry hair;
  • the appearance of dandruff and crusts on the scalp;
  • split ends;
  • hair begins to fall out, etc.

Black magic of coffee

Treatment of these consequences requires patience and the use of natural components for complete remission. One of these remedies is the use of coffee. The healing properties of coffee have been well known since ancient times.

It is known that natural coffee contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, tannins and ethers, antioxidants, etc. These allows you to restore your hair after the adverse effects of chemical dyes. Coffee helps to strengthen hair through the reconstruction of the follicle. It eliminates the formation of crusts or dry scales on the scalp.

Dermatologists and cosmetologists have been using coffee grounds for a long time to treat cellulite, improve the skin condition, and to improve hair quality. A research group, led by Dr. Fischer at the German University of Jena, has obtained proof of the beneficial properties of coffee. The result of the study showed that the local application of natural coffee leads to satisfactory results in treating baldness, damaged hair restoration, and improvement of scalp conditions.


Some women use coffee for coloring their hair. It provides a surprisingly beautiful result when coloring gray hair into brown in brunette women, and gives blondes a chocolate tint. However, excessive consumption of coffee internally contributes to the appearance of more gray hair, deteriorating its quality and volume.

The right coffee for hair treatment

You can find some cosmetic products based on coffee. However, it is not necessary to purchase them at insane prices. Most of them can be prepared at home, but to achieve the best effect, you should follow these recommendations:

  • use only natural, quality coffee for hair treatment and restoration;
  • try to use fine or medium grind coffee to reduce the risk of injured skin;
  • freshly brewed coffee will work the best for hair rinsing;
  • be aware of the dyeing properties of coffee, especially when it comes to blondes who want to avoid darker shades.

Hair rehabilitation

It is not necessary to visit expensive salons to restore the beauty of your hair after dyeing or other aggressive procedures (straightening, curling). You can independently reanimate your hair using these recipes:

  • Express coffee mask. Brew fresh, natural coffee classically. Separate the liquid part (it will be used to rinse hair after the procedure) from the thick one, and apply it to the roots of the hair, with light massaging motions. Wear a shower cap and wrap it with a towel, leave for 30-40 minutes. After you wash the mask off, rinse your hair with the liquid part of coffee.
  • A hair mask with coffee, honey, and olive oil works well for the restoration of damaged hair. Make a mixture with two tablespoons of honey, four tablespoons of olive oil (Extra Virgin), and two tablespoons of natural, fine coffee. Apply the mixture to the scalp with gentle massaging motions. Wear a shower cap and wrap your head with a towel, leave for 2-3 hours. Wash off the mixture and rinse your hair with a solution of apple cider vinegar (1:2).

For a better effect and quick results, you can combine these procedures with low-level laser therapy. This method will help to strengthen damaged hair follicles sooner, and improve local blood supply. A laser treatment will restore the structure of your hair, and prevent baldness.

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4 thoughts on “Coffee and Hair Protection from Aggressive Dyes”

  1. proma mitra says:

    I dye my hair with henna and prepare it exclusively with coffee (natural, black). It turned out great, and it’s healthy for my hair.

  2. neha dubey says:

    I really like the restoring mask with coffee and castor oil. I do it once a week.

  3. Rebecca Ellis says:

    Coffee masks significantly strengthen hair and accelerate its growth. I make them with olive oil and honey.

  4. Hanne Jackson says:

    It is important to prepare correctly the main ingredient of such masks. It’s better to use coffee of small or medium grind.

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