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Is Height Related to Hair Loss?

Baldness is a relatively common problem among middle-aged men. According to statistics, about 70% of the males after 40 suffer from various degrees of baldness.

Even in ancient times, the problem of baldness was affecting men. There was a belief that you could get rid of baldness by ringing a bell over the head of a balding man. Others were trying to cure baldness with various mixtures and blends, some of them were quite exotic, containing cow’s saliva and even cat litter.

Why do men go bald?

There are many reasons why men have higher chances of going bald than women. The most common of these is a genetic predisposition and excessive activity of male hormones, which have a destructive effect on the hair follicles, gradually destroying them.

Experts consider other reasons for male pattern baldness:

  • Hormonal failures caused by various factors.
  • Metabolic disorders, resulting insufficient nutrition of hair follicles.
  • Constant stress and depression.
  • Poor diet and lack of vitamins.
  • Certain diseases, for example, Addison’s disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, and others.

It’s not easy to correctly determine the causes of baldness. The sooner you visit the doctor, the higher the chance you’ll have the situation under control.


New discoveries in studying the causes of male pattern baldness

Scientists from the University of Bonn found out why some men are at the higher risk of developing baldness. After studying the genetic material of more than 20,000 representatives, scientists determined that premature baldness depends on certain diseases and physical characteristics of the individual. The main risk group is men with light skin and low height.

According to the research, hair loss not only depends on the condition of the cells of the hair follicles, but also on the functions of the skin cells of the scalp. It has been experimentally established that premature baldness in men can happen due to 63 changes in their genome. These changes not only lead to early hair loss, but also the formation of various physiological characteristics, such as low height, early puberty, etc. Also, scientists found that men who go bald early are more prone to developing cardiovascular diseases and prostate cancer.

The study of the causes and methods of treating baldness in men continues. Today, there are many ways to effectively deal with hair loss. One of them is the Laser Cap GrivaMax. This method of laser therapy for treating baldness was discovered in the 1970s. Now it is accessible to everyone. You can use it at home anytime.

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2 thoughts on “Is Height Related to Hair Loss?”

  1. Papa Wolff says:

    This article made me worry about my short height. Should I expect baldness soon?

  2. sarah mcartny says:

    I think it’s true. My grandfather is short, dad is short, I’m also not a giant, and the rest matches.

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