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Proper Hair Care: Tips For Teens

Healthy hair is important at any age. The more regular and better care you take, the more attractive and healthier your hair will look. Oily hair should be washed only with cool water. Spread shampoo over the scalp and apply only the foam along the length of the strands. Use conditioner after the hair has dried. There are plenty of recommendations which should provide good results.

Hair types and its characteristics

You need to know what type of hair you have to determine the right care and which products to use. There is normal, oily, dry and a mixed type:

  • Oily hair is dull and becomes sticky right after you wash it. It looks dirty and sloppy. Oily hair is caused by the intensive activity of the sebaceous glands. The intensity of sebum production depends on the individual characteristics of the body, genetic predisposition, and nutrition.
  • Dry hair is dull and brittle. It’s prone to tangling and split ends. In some cases, the cause of dryness is low activity of the sebaceous secretion glands, but most often dry strands are the result of improper care.
  • Hair of a mixed type is oily in the root part and dry on the tips. In this case, the sebaceous glands produce insufficient lubrication, which can not cover the hair along the entire length. Locks of this type often have split ends. You must use a complex care, combining various products and adjusting your diet.
  • Normal hair is quite rare. It is the result of using different products, homemade remedies, and various procedures.

Key recommendations

Daily hair care can be for hygienic and cosmetic purposes. Just regularly washing your hair is not enough. It is important to maintain the health from the inside. Proper nutrition and the absence of bad habits are the main requirements for strong and healthy hair.


The frequency of washing your hair is determined individually. If you use various styling products such as sprays, gels or mousses, you need to wash your head daily. Try to use soft shampoos to not harm your hair with frequent washes. It is also important to choose the correct water temperature. It is recommended to wash oily hair in cool water. The oilier the hair, the colder the water should be. Apply shampoo to your hair at least twice. The first application removes oil and actually cleans it, while the second wash activates the therapeutic effect of the product.

We should also talk about combing your hair:

  • it is highly recommended not to comb wet hair – this may injure it;
  • short strands should be combed from the roots, and long from the ends;
  • it is better to not use plastic and metal combs. The best option is wood.

Let your hair dry naturally. The hairdryer should be used only in case of an emergency.

How to choose hair care products

Wash your hair only with a shampoo. Many people mistakenly believe that there won’t be much harm from soap, and that sometimes you can use it to wash your hair. Soap destroys the protective water-lipid layer on the hair and scalp, leading to excessive dryness, resulting in brittle and dry strands. Shampoos have a medium pH and have a more gentle effect on hair.

Knowing your hair type increases the chances of choosing the perfect shampoo that will be good for your hair. When choosing a new shampoo, use it a couple of times to see how it works for your hair. If the product is right for you, the result should be clean and soft hair, with no irritation or any other type of discomfort.

In addition to shampoo, you will also need a conditioner, as well as various nutritious and moisturizing masks. When choosing these, carefully read the ingredients and instructions. Choose only well-known manufacturers.

You should take the health of your hair more seriously, especially if you have any problems. It is best to see a doctor to get professional help.

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4 thoughts on “Proper Hair Care: Tips For Teens”

  1. Liway Arciaga says:

    I can’t say that caring for oily hair is complicated. Just have to wash it more often.

  2. Nika says:

    Apparently, I have a combined hair type.

  3. Eunice Gonzales says:

    My daughter has a very dry hair. I bought a coconut oil for her hair ends, I hope it will solve the problem.

  4. Clara Isabel Munoz Lara says:

    Don’t use a hair dryer, hair should dry naturally. You can damage it severely by the hot air.

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