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Causes of hair loss in women

Hair loss is a very common problem that women, unfortunately, face not less than men. Age-related hair loss is a type of baldness caused by chronic diseases from the past. Let’s try to understand the reasons that most often cause hair loss in women.


Stress arising from physical overload, lack of sleep, shocks, cause the sudden stopping of growth of hair follicles, which would be in the growth phase. Hair starts to thin out not immediately, but only after several weeks or months. Hair loss in women can be caused by many reasons, and stress is only one of them. Laser cap for hair growth can be used at home as hair loss prevention method.


Limiting of food and fasting is closely linked to baldness, because woman’s body stops getting nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the systems and organs. Particularly dangerous is the deficit of proteins, amino acids, beta carotene, vitamins C, E and F, as well as zinc and iron.

Infection of various etymology

Almost any inflammatory process in the body can cause hair loss. After diseases, such as influenza, acute respiratory infections, pneumonia, etc., with strong increase of temperature and fever when the body takes protective measures – loses hair.


After birth (especially during the first three months) a marked reduction in estrogens and androgens increases the effect than hair follicles take place and therefore a woman begins to lose hair rapidly. Laser is widely recommended by trichologists prevention method for women hair growth. You can use it at home, at your convenience.

Hormonal disorders

The amount of estrogen is incomparably greater, however, due to a number of causes, the increased androgen concentration sometimes occurs in women, which results in baldness according to male type (androgenic alopecia).

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