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5 Best Hair Loss Treatment Methods for Women

A large number of women secretly suffer from hair loss. They hide it with a new hairstyle, and experience many stresses. According to the American Hair Loss Association, in the US about 40% of women suffer from baldness.

What causes hair loss in women?

There are many reasons of hair loss: stress, constant struggle with excessive weight, hormonal changes in the body (during menopause at the age of 50-60, or during pregnancy), taking medications, chronic diseases, etc. Don’t panic if you see a roll of hair on your comb or scattered hair on your pillow in the morning. It is necessary to take measures to prevent hair loss.

Try to analyze what happened to you in the past six months – that’s how much time your body needs to form the reaction to some process. This reaction in our case is hair loss. Have you just given birth to a child? Are you on a strict diet? Do you have problems at work or with your family, problems that you are emotionally worried about? Then the reason is obvious. Is everything good in your life but you are still losing hair? It was probably caused by another reason. Even if you are sure that your hair has fallen out due to constant stress, we recommend consulting a doctor, especially if one or both of your parents suffered from baldness. Why is it important to see the doctor as soon as possible? Baldness can be caused by one of those quite innocent factors like stress, diet, or the postpartum period. You practice meditation, and calm yourself with various sedative drugs with no result.


How to make hair grow?

It’s not easy to confirm the right diagnosis, especially with the diffusive type of alopecia. This type of alopecia affects women more than men. That’s why female baldness is considered to be difficult to treat. We have prepared an overview of the most popular and effective methods of fighting hair loss in women.

Treatment with Minoxidil

The remedy was originally used to treat high blood pressure. Later it was found that one of the side effects was increased hair growth. As a result of long-term research and studies, Minoxidil scalp injections started to be used for stimulating hair growth. The effectiveness of the drug was proven by laboratory tests.

However, this method of treatment has its drawbacks. For example, the drug does not help at all with hereditary hormonal dependent forms of alopecia. At the beginning of the treatment, the intensity of the hair growth will be especially high. But the most unpleasant thing is if you stop using the medicine, the problem will return. This treatment helps, as long as you are continuously doing injections. Another important detail: Minoxidil treatment shows good results only when used during the early stages. If the condition has already progressed, there will be no effect.

Treatment with Finasteride

Attention! We left this medicine on the list because it’s still being used to treat the female type of hair loss. But this drug is BANNED for the treatment of female baldness.

Professional doctor

Hormonal imbalance

Hair can also fall out due to age, which changes the hormonal balance: menopause. In addition to hair loss, woman face other troubles– insomnia, osteoporosis, etc. To handle these “hormonal swings”, the doctor may suggest using medications containing progesterone and estrogen (creams or pills). Your hair should come back to normal while the hormonal levels and other unpleasant symptoms are treated. To avoid dangerous consequences, it is strictly forbidden to take any actions without consulting the doctor.

Using Low-level Laser Therapy

This is an effective and clinically proven way to treat baldness .This method will work for both women and men with any form of baldness. It is not addictive, and it gives a stable result. Low-level laser therapy can be used in complex (along with medications or using DHT-blockers), or as a recovery therapy after transplantation. There are two types of devices. The purpose of GrivaMax Laser Cap 148 is to regenerate and improve the hair structure. GrivaMax Laser Cap 148 272 PRO is effective against baldness of different origins.

Hair transplantation

Effective but very expensive method of hair restoration. In order to have this surgery, you will need a doctor’s recommendation, a lot of money, and favorable conditions for hair transplant.

These methods are considered to be really effective. The main thing is to avoid self-treatment and contact a trichologist as soon as possible. Only a doctor can confirm the diagnosis and choose the best treatment for you.

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3 thoughts on “5 Best Hair Loss Treatment Methods for Women”

  1. Audry Isla says:

    I tried Minoxidil treatment. It didn’t really help. This article is definitely helpful. The main message is to see the doctor first.

    1. Riboka says:

      Wow! Did you just start to take a drug on your own? We started with LLLT, so there were no side effects and the results came quickly.

  2. Penny Lu says:

    I had scars on my scalp after the accident. Hair transplantation + LLLT helped.

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