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Effective Remedies Against Dry Hair

If your hair is dry and weak, then it’s time to pay more attention to moisturizing. You can use a help of traditional medicine and ready cosmetic products. Moisturizing conditioners, masks, balms, serums, and sprays are okay to use in moderation, applying them evenly. Moisturizing procedures should be applied continually and regularly, about 7-9 times a month.

Deep moisturizing with alternative medicine remedies

There is a large number of alternative products that can be easily prepared and used at home. One of the main components is olive oil, consisting of tocopherols, vitamins, phenols, terpene alcohols and sterols:

  • Grind 40-60 gr. of fresh thistles roots and add 50 ml of olive oil. Let the mixture stand for 12-15 hours at room temperature. Then heat the infusion on the steam for 11-12 minutes, then cool it down. Use the “medicine” 1-1,5 hours before washing.
  • Take a flesh of banana and avocado mix 50-55 grams of each together. Add 4 tbsp. of olive oil. Apply the “remedy” on the scalp, leave it for 35 minutes, and wash it off with a moisturizing shampoo-conditioner.
  • Mix 2 tbsp. of olive oil with 5 tbsp. of 3,2% of kefir. Stir the mixture thoroughly, apply it, and leave it on your hair for 25-35 min. Wash the mask off using shampoo for dry hair.
  • Mix 2-3 tbsp. of olive oil with 4 tbsp. of honey. Apply the remedy on the scalp and leave it for 40-50 minutes. Wash the mixture off with a moisturizing shampoo.

Masks with dairy and vegetable components:

  • Whisk the raw chicken egg and add 3-5 tbsp.of 4% yogurt without food additives (Classic). Apply the mixture on the roots of the hair, and leave for 35-45 minutes. Wash off the mixture, and rinse the strands with an infusion of nettle.
  • Combine the crushed pepper pod with one medium sized onion. Add 3-5 tbsp.of sunflower oil, 1 tbsp.of cognac and honey. Fill the mixture with a yolk. Mix everything thoroughly.Evenly spread the blend over the scalp. Wrap your head or wear a plastic shower cap. After a few hours wash off the “medicine” with clean water using shampoo. You can also rinse your hair with the infusion of nettles.

Before using any traditional medicine remedy, you should take an allergy test first. Don’t forget to stick to the proportions of the recipes.

Helpful Tips

Doctors are sure that the reason for the dry and weak hair is in disruption of the routine functioning of sebaceous glands. To provide their normal work you should follow these simple rules:

  • During the dry hair, restoration stop using any dyes or chemical perm.
  • Apply moisturizing masks several times a week.
  • Use special cosmetic products with moisturizing effect.
  • Wash your head with warm water only (no higher than 96-98 F).
  • Don’t rinse your hair with acetic acid or lemon juice. Those components disrupt the water balance of the skin.
  • It is necessary to stop using the hair dryer for a while.You should dry your hair naturally. Comb it only after it is completely dry, beginning with the hair tips.

Experts recommend applying moisturizing products and measures in a complex for achieving the best effect and avoiding risks.

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Take a good care of your hair and buy only high-quality care products. Don’t forget using GrivaMax Caps and you will get the desired result very soon!

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2 thoughts on “Effective Remedies Against Dry Hair”

  1. Mona says:

    A sour milk based hair mask is my number one choice.I add it to henna when I dye my hair. Great thing!

  2. Maria Marinescu says:

    I made my hair lighter accidentally by using lemon juice ( you need to be careful even with home made remedies).

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