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Hair loss after pregnancy

Hair loss after pregnancy is a problem facing more than half of young mothers. Why is this happening, and what can be done to get less hair loss?

About 90% of the hair is permanently in the growth stage; the remaining 10% is in a period of rest.  Every two-three months hair that is at rest falls out, and new ones begin to grow on its place. You can accelerate this process using the best hair regrowth treatment – low level laser therapy.  40-50% of women face an intense hair loss after giving birth, which usually happens within 1-5 months after the emergence of the baby.  And this is absolutely normal in terms of the physiology process.

Hair loss after pregnancy

Why does hair fall out after pregnancy?

Most often, the hair falls out actively for about three months after delivery.  Elevated hormone levels during pregnancy do not give “old” hair time to fall out.  After the delivery, content of post-partum estrogen in the woman’s body falls, hormonal background returns to a normal level, and this affects the life expectancy of the hair.

In a young mother up to 60% of the hair can go into a phase of rest, and restoring the hair follicles and regrowth of new hair will take time.  Typically, the full restoration of the hair requires from 6 up to 12 months. To speed up the recovery process hair growth cap may help: it’s easy and very convenient.

Other causes of hair loss after birth

Hair loss can be caused by other factors related to the reproductive system.  Any change in the level of estrogen can affect hair. Hair may fall out if taking of oral contraceptives was stopped or other hormonal methods of contraception are no longer used.  Also, the cause of hair loss can be any type of alopecia, for example, androgenic alopecia in women.

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