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10 Ways to Prevent Focal Alopecia Caused By Stress

Stress is one of the main triggers of focal alopecia. We cannot fight our genes, but everyone can make their life more calm and healthy.

Of course, the fight against stress will help you to not only save your hair, but also prevent many serious diseases and rapid aging. We hope that our simple recommendations will help you achieve body and mind well-being.

Sufficient sleep

It is important to regularly get enough sleep to be in a good mood every day. Individual sleep rates may vary, but most of us need at least seven/eight hours of sleep to feel rested.

Healthy nutrition

Food means much more in your life than you think. If the basis of your diet is coffee and fast food, don’t be surprised when you have health problems and a depressive state of mind. Try to maintain a varied and balanced diet.

Be active

Are you felling sad? Clean the house. When in a bad mood, many of us intuitively try to do something or just walk. Regular exercises will also make you much happier. This fact is proven by people who love sports, dancing, and physical labor.

Find the right type of rest

We perceive many things that are not really relaxing as a rest, like watching TV, evening reading in bed, and browsing your smartphone. But our body needs a different type of rest, in addition to our mind. If you have experienced the joy of real relaxation, then you will never confuse it with anything else again.


Recover sooner and learn about the medicines you are taking

It’s not good if your mind tension is combined with current or chronic inflammatory processes. Get rid of diseases before they cause you stress and hair problems.

Learn about the side effects of the drugs you have been prescribed. They can be a possible cause of your baldness, especially if you also experience stress.

Think positively

Sad thoughts and expectations will definitely cause negative emotions. A pessimist experiences troubles even before they happen. An optimist is much less nervous, and the hope for the better helps him to recover quickly after trouble.

Learn the relaxation techniques

Psychologists offer many techniques. For example, “lighthouse”. When you are feeling well (or you remember a positive moment very vividly), connect this state with something – a keychain, or a melody. Next time when you experience a frustration, it’s can be enough to see that object or remember a melody to make you feel better. Another great method of stress relief is meditation.


By opening our heart, we are healing it. Your listener can be a relative, a close friend, a doctor, a priest, or an occasional companion. Of course, the most useful are conversations with a psychologist. Even small talks about little things will clear away dark clouds from your mind.

Find a friend or hobby

It’s not easy to be single sometimes. If there are no people nearby, a pet can take away your sorrows. Perhaps your hobby will be a good solution for loneliness. For many people, their hobby or passion turned into a real occupation and opened a new life.

Helping others

We are happy when we help. It is not necessary to become a volunteer: feed the homeless, have tea with a lonely neighbor, help an elderly person carry their bags, or send any amount of money to a charitable foundation. It will help your heart feel warmer.

Mens sana in corpore sano (lat.). Healthy body has a healthy mind. Try to remember this simple yet important saying, and there will be no place for stress in your life.

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