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Hair Aging: What to Do

Our hair, or rather the hair follicles, live very long, but this doesn’t mean that time does not affect them. With age, you may prefer to wear a hat rather than a new hairstyle before going out. It’s time to understand what is happening to your hair and whether it can be changed.


Gray hair is an inevitable sign of ageing. On average, people can find the first gray or white hairs between ages 30 and 40. By age 50, half of people have already turned gray by 50%.

The main factor that determines when someone begins to turn grey is heredity (strengthening factors are stress and smoking).

The reason for hair graying is the reduction and cessation of the production of coloring pigments in the root of the hair. Why melanocyte cells cease to produce pigment – science still has no answer.

Graying has no cure, since the reasons are unknown. The process of graying can be slowed down, but already gray hair cannot be cured. The L’Oreal remedy for graying can only prevent the appearance of new gray hair.

The most simple and affordable way to deal with gray hair is dyeing. This method is actively used primarily by women. Try to use soft cosmetic products so they won’t aggravate other age-related hair problems (see below).

Gray hair changes its structure by getting coarser and thicker. Some people are resistant to artificial pigment, so not every hair dye will work for them. In this case, special hair dyes and coloring techniques may be needed.

An alternative option is to accept the fact of gray hair as a part of the natural aging process. A good haircut or hairstyle will emphasize your natural look.



Hair thinning is also quite common. Many men observe the signs of androgenetic alopecia in addition to the age-related changes in the hair structure and volume. The thinning process and hair loss in women is caused by reduced estrogen production that begins even before menopause. Read our article about hair loss during menopause.

Since regressive changes occur in follicles, they begin to produce much thinner hair. The hair itself becomes lighter in color because it cannot contain as much pigment as before. The hair sometimes things to the point of a barely noticeable fuzz.

Hormonal changes reduce and slow down the phase of active hair growth, causing the process of hair loss. New hair just doesn’t have enough time to be replaced. The number of functioning and healthy follicles is also reduced.

There are methods to solve the problems of thinning hair and balding. Trichologist or dermatologist can prescribe drugs that will strengthen the existing hair and add volume. One of those safe and effective measures is low-level laser therapy. Sleeping follicles will be stimulated by blood circulation. Laser therapy will help to accelerate hair growth.

A well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are also very important.


The secretion of sebum decreases with age. The chemical composition of our natural fat protection also changes and cannot normally envelop the hair and scalp anymore. Scales of external layer are raised in dry hair, causing the lack of shine. Hair becomes dull, tangled, and easily damaged.

Hair care

There are simple measures for prevention and treatment:

  1. Wash your hair only with warm, not hot, water. Choose a light foaming shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate.
  2. Use hair balms or natural oils in pure form or in cosmetic products. For example, argan oil.
  3. Dry your hair with cool air. Avoid perms and tools for hot styling.
  4. Protect your hair from the sun with hats or hair conditioners containing silicone or dimethicone.
  5. The same type of hair conditioners should be applied before hot styling.


Hair becomes weak and dry for the same reasons. Very often, we make our hair weaker by constant coloring, clarification, straightening, etc.

You can find care products with ceramides or keratin, which won’t be enough for aging hair. Hair complexes with biotin and silicon might help, and the results can be seen in six months. Of course, it is necessary to exclude aggressive external factors if possible.

By treating your hair properly, you can minimize many negative signs of aging. Even a small amount of daily care can do wonders. Your gray will stay healthy, and therefore beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “Hair Aging: What to Do”

  1. Pilivesa Optimiste says:

    Is low-level laser therapy really helpful for androgenic alopecia in men?

    1. Lusidallfa says:

      Yes, it is. I’ve been using it for more than five months now. The result is noticeable. Not as fast as I wanted, but my hair is growing. Only a doctor should recommend hair treatment with low-level laser therapy.

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