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Perfect Recipes for Dry Hair Restoration

Dry hair is a problem for most women nowadays. Some people have had this issue since birth, while others start to struggle at a more mature age. Dryness can be caused by the negative influence of the environment, stresses, improper care, and frequent use of shampoos.

You can return the health and attractiveness of your hair at home. Traditional medicinal recipes are easy to use, safe, and relatively effective.

Can I get the result quickly?

Recipes for hair restoration and moisturizing are usually monocomponent and include only natural ingredients. They can be used to treat hair that has light or medium levels of damage. Those remedies are much cheaper than professional products. The risk of damaging the hair is minimal.

There are many effective recipes for dry hair, but keep in mind that they can contain elements that cause individual intolerance. To avoid an allergic reaction, prepare a small trial portion of the recipe and try it on a small area of the skin.

Oil mask

The main component of the mask is oil, which you can choose individually. Preferably choose linseed, olive, burdock or almond oil:

  • mix lemon juice (0.5 tsp) with 2 tsp of oil;
  • pour the mixture into your palm and spread it along the root part of the hair;
  • rub the remedy for 5-7 minutes;
  • wrap your head in a towel, on top of a shower cap;
  • leave the mask on your hair for 60 minutes;
  • wash with room temperature water using a shampoo for dry hair.

Adding lemon juice is optional. Natural oil strengthens and moisturizes the hair, making it more silky and obedient after the first procedure.

Hair cosmetics

Bread and kefir for damaged and lifeless hair

Take 0.5 liters of yogurt and rye bread. Use a freshly prepared mixture no more than once a week:

  • soak 1 piece of bread in 100 ml of kefir;
  • add 1-2 tbsp of oil and mix everything thoroughly;
  • apply a slightly preheated mixture to the root area of your hair;
  • wear a shower cap and cover your head with a towel;
  • leave the mask for 25 minutes, and rinse with water and shampoo for dry hair.

The ingredients of this natural mask positively affect the scalp and moisten your hair along the entire length. It helps to maintain moisture in the hair.


The gel mask makes the strands soft, obedient, and silky:

  • soak 1 tbsp of dry gelatin in 150 ml of water;
  • warm up during 20 minutes stirring;
  • cool the mixture;
  • add 1 tbsp of castor oil, several drops (up to 10) of vitamin “E”;
  • apply the product to your hair;
  • leave the mask for 20 minutes;
  • rinse thoroughly with water using a shampoo suitable for your hair type.

Gelatine masks takes care of the hair and moisturizes it. The mask can be applied 4-5 times a month.

Honey and banana

A regenerating and moisturizing mask with banana and honey is perfect for dry hair:

  • chop 1 ripe banana;
  • mix it with 3 tbsp of whole sour cream and 1 tbsp of natural honey;
  • add 1 egg yolk and mix the mixture;
  • apply the composition on the root part of the hair;
  • leave the remedy for 20-30 minutes, then rinse the strands with plenty of clean water;
  • wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Make sure that banana used for the mask is chopped finely and has a creamy consistency. Otherwise, all the strands will stick together and you won’t notice any positive effect.

How to find the perfect remedy for dry strands?

It is important to know that hair masks are not the only way to restore the structure of strands and eliminate dryness. It is necessary to apply a complex treatment:

  • refuse hot styling with the use of hair dryers, curlers, and flat irons;
  • dye your hair only with gentle products and as little as possible;
  • cut dry tips off your hair monthly.

Experts advise using low-level laser therapy to achieve the best effect and improve the results.

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3 thoughts on “Perfect Recipes for Dry Hair Restoration”

  1. Katie miller says:

    Mask with kefir is good, but after using it it’s necessary to rinse hair well

  2. Adri Ana says:

    I have recently stopped to use the hair dryer, letting the hair dry naturally. And you know, it is not as dry as it used to be.

  3. Loubna Rahimo says:

    I like masks with honey most of all, but it is necessary to be careful if you have allergy.

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