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Gray Hair: How to Delay Aging?

The appearance of gray hair is a problem that everyone will face sooner or later. Women are especially sensitive to the graying process, since beautiful and healthy hair is an important aspect of female beauty. Avoiding the graying is impossible, but some measures can prevent an early appearance of gray hair.

Why does hair turn gray?

Produced by specialized cell melanocytes, the pigment melanin is responsible for hair color. With age, the function of melanocytes regresses, and previously bright and shiny hair gradually loses its color. According to studies, cell activity that is responsible for melanin production begins to decrease by about 10-20% every decade after the age of 30. Over time, melanocytes completely die, and the hair becomes silver-white or yellowish tint. This is natural and part of the aging process.

However, other reasons can lead to the early appearance of gray hair:

  • Genetic predisposition. If at least one parent had gray hair early, then their children have an increased chance to face the same problem at a young age. Also, according to statistics, red-haired people and blondes turn gray much earlier than those who have a different hair color.
  • Congenital and some acquired diseases. Various congenital and viral diseases can lead to the early graying process. Among other triggers are disruptions in the work of the thyroid gland, digestive tract diseases, blood circulatory disorders, etc.
  • Stress and depression. The fact that hair turns gray due to stress is a myth. However, long-lasting depression, constant stress, and nervous breakdowns have an adverse impact on health in general, and on the condition of hair as well. A high release of adrenaline can also cause rapid discoloration of the strands.
  • The lack of vitamins and protein in the diet. A sufficient consumption of protein, folic acid, copper, iodine, calcium, iron, zinc, and B vitamins is essential for melanin production and the health of our hair.
  • Bad habits. Smoking, alcohol abuse, excessive consumption of coffee and salt are the worst enemies of the human body and hair.

Determining the cause of graying at an early age is extremely difficult. To do it, we need a comprehensive approach, including an ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland and spectral analysis of hair, blood biochemical analysis, dermoscopic skin examination, trichoscopy, etc.


Gray hair prevention

If you notice at least one gray hair, it’s time for immediate action. The doctor can recommend the following measures:

  • Taking vitamin-mineral supplements and medications containing folic acid.
  • Sticking to a diet based on products rich in vitamins and microelements that are responsible for melanin production.
  • Use of external treatments which contain zinc and iron.
  • Scalp massages of the hairy part of the head.

You can slow down the regression process of melanocyte functions by following several simple rules:

  • Always wear a hat in the cold season, because low temperatures slow blood circulation and disrupt the production of melanin.
  • In sunny weather, it is necessary to protect your hair from direct exposure to UV rays by wearing a hat or using sun protection cosmetics.
  • Daily self-massages of the head with a special hair brush.

Equally important is the correction of the diet. To maintain healthy hair and slow down the appearance of gray hair, you need to include the following foods as part of your diet:

  • Apples, citrus fruits, celery, seaweed, dog rose and other products containing zinc, iron, copper, and manganese.
  • Nuts, sunflower seeds, cranberries, green peas, yolk of chicken eggs, raisins, dried apricots and all foods that are rich in B vitamins.
  • Products containing proteins of animal and vegetable origin (fish, seafood, beans, soybeans, etc.).

Improving your diet will be useful not only for your hair, but your entire body.

How else can we fight gray hair?

Today we can choose various methods to fight gray hair. They are only useful in the prevention or slowing down the process if you have a small amount of gray hair. During the early stage of graying, you can consider mesotherapy – the injection of medications containing necessary vitamins and trace elements. With the help of mesotherapy injections under the skin, patients can receive oligoelements, nicotinic acid, and medications for improving blood circulation.

The best solution to treat the graying process for men and women is hair dyeing. Frequent use of chemical dyes negatively affects the structure of the hair. You can use GrivaMax Laser Cap 148 to reduce this negative effect. This compact and easy to use cap will make your hair strong, beautiful, and healthy.

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    1. GrivaMax says:

      Yes, of course. We recommend using the model GrivaMax Laser Cap 272 PRO, and make sure to consult a trichologist before treatment.

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