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The main causes of hair loss among children

Unfortunately, the problem of hair loss that has a medical term alopecia, is common not only among the adults. About 3% of the number of pediatrician appointments in the USA have to do with a problem of hair loss, bald spots and thinning hair among children. The right diagnosis in most of the cases provides full recovery.

Medical causes of hair loss

The most common reasons for hair loss among the children of age 2 and older:

  • Shingles (ringworm). The causative agent of the disease is a fungal infection, which most often shows itself in the form of scaly spots on the child’s head. Confirmation of the diagnosis is based on the microscopic studies. Treatment includes antifungal medicines, while all the measures should be taken to prevent the disease spreading to the other members of the family.
  • Alopecia areata. Noninfectious type of the disease, caused by the failures of the immune system, negatively affecting hair follicles. It is manifested by the appearance of round or oval spots. In some cases (up to 25%) can be accompanied by the ulceration of the nail crests. Being under the constant control of the doctors, in the most, cases the hairline can be fully restored during a year. Although in some cases relapse is possible.
  • Trichotillomania. The disease is caused by the state of stress or constant anxiety of the child, that provokes a non-stop tearing, twisting, twitching of hair, leading to the hair loss. In this case, the help of the psychologist is needed.
  • The telogenous miasm. It occurs as a result of shock or stress, including after an injury, an operation, high temperature etc. Typically the hair growth resumes within six months.
  • Food deficiency. Lack of vitamin H (gold biotin), zinc or excessive intake of the vitamin A. More information about zinc and hair loss: https://www.grivamax.com/can-zinc-help-hair-loss/.
  • Problems of the endocrine system, failures in the metabolic process regulation.

Non-medical causes of the hair loss

  • Hair loss of the newborn, accompanied by the growth of the permanent hair.
  • Rubbing the hair on the surface of the mattress, pillow etc. is common among the children under the age of six months.
  • Improper hair handling (vigorous combing, weaving of too tight braids, constant fastening of the hair into the tails etc.)

There are many reasons for hair loss among children. You should contact the pediatrician even with a minor suspicion that it was caused by some medical condition. It will help not only restore the hair growth but also diagnose the disease that caused it on the early stage. Laser cap for hair loss can be recommended as a supportive treatment method.

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