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Onion and Hair Loss: Interesting Facts

Perhaps you will be surprised, but a regular onion that we use in cooking can actually improve the condition of your hair and stop hair loss. Of course, for many people it will be difficult even to imagine applying onion on the hair due to its specific and strong smell. However, it isn’t as bad as it might seem, and can be very beneficial for your hair.

In this article you can find several interesting facts about onion and its healing properties

Onions contain essential oil, iodine, and sulfur compounds, including allicin, which makes it a great antiseptic. Say good bye to fungi, bacteria and viruses! Onion juice or pulp will help you to get rid of dandruff, which is one of the factors that cause hair loss.

Onion contains organic acids that clean scalp from dirt and excessive fat, opening up the skin pores. Full-fledged dermal respiration and good metabolism = excellent hair growth.

Vitamins A and E, mineral salts and other nutritional components will help your skin and hair to fight antioxidants and recover from the damage.

Allicin and selenium increase blood circulation of the skin, which means it improves your hair nutrition. More food = more growth.

Onions have some calming effect when eaten, which is also helpful, since stress intensifies many problems with hair.

You can rub onion juice on the scalp or make a mask from the mashed onion.For the better effect put a shower cap on or wrap a thick towel around your head and wait for a half an hour or so. Then wash your hair.

Hair rinse with onions: grind three or four onions, mix with a liter of water, and boil for 10-12 minutes. Cool down the mixture and rinse your hair with it.


Onion pulp and juice are very acrid.To avoid the irritation and enhance the effectiveness of the procedures, you can mix onions with other ingredients:

  1. Infuse finely chopped onions in a rum bottle (8-10 hours), strain from the pieces and apply the infusion to your hair for a few minutes, then wash it off.
  2. Serum for hair growth with onion juice and honey. Honey reduces the onion smell and makes it less acrid, moisturizing the scalp at the same time. Mix fresh onion juice and honey in equal proportions. You can apply this mixture to your scalp and hair daily for 10 minutes, washing it off afterwards.
  3. Mix an onion juice with your regular shampoo (preferably herbal) and wash your hair with it.
  4. Mask with a castor oil and onion juice. Mix the ingredients in equal parts, apply to the scalp and hair, wrap and hold for 30-40 minutes, then rinse. Castor oil also helps with hair loss.
  5. Garlic has a similar to onions effect. That’s why garlic oil, juice and pulp can be also used for hair care.

You can also find ready-made hair cosmetic products containing onions and garlic. This is a perfect solution if there is no time or desire for making your own home remedies.

The onion has a strong and very specific smell (like garlic) and nothing can be done about it. You can apply the remedy for the night, and wash your hair in the morning. You can also rinse your hair with lemon juice to reduce the smell.

If onion smell is unacceptable for you, there are more “civilized” ways of hair care, such as low-level laser therapy.

There is no smell and the blood circulation of the scalp is being increased. The effect of this therapy is clinically proven.

Finally, don’t forget to eat onions along with many other healthy whole foods. Try to maintain a full and balanced diet. The main factors of hair health are not outside, but inside of us.

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3 thoughts on “Onion and Hair Loss: Interesting Facts”

  1. Muhmudran says:

    I have a feeling that onions can’t really help to grow hair back.

  2. Jaden Leigh says:

    Onions on my hair? Sounds icky to me.

    1. Jydiela says:

      )))) I use onion shampoo (from the store of organic cosmetics), of course, it doesn’t have so strong smell. I also purchased a UVB cap.I just started using it but my hair already looks better.

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