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Can Apple Stem Cells Prevent Baldness?

Therapy with apple stem cells is one of the newest methods in cosmetology and baldness treatment. Speaking about this method, we mean the PhytoCellTec™ technology, patented by the Swiss company Mibelle Biochemistry. What is this new combination of nature and science? Is it not just another advertised but inefficient product?

History of the discovery

Scientists from Mibelle Biochemistry noticed the unique vitality of a rare kind apples called Uttwiler Spätlauber. These trees only grow in the canton of Turgovia in the north of the country. Since the fruits are very bitter and not edible, no one specifically cultivated this kind and the wild apple trees have almost disappeared.

But even after picked from the tree, the Uttwiler Spätlauber apples didn’t go bad or fade for several months. As it turned out, the reason for this is the unique, long-living stem cells of the plant.

What are the stem cells?

Stem cells are universal elements that can accept any specialization and turn into cells of the nervous system, bone system, or any organ system of our body. Why do we need them at all?

Stem cells are the “parts” of the body. In case of “breakage”, they rush to the area of incident and turn into the cells of the affected organ. The older is a person is, the less “spare parts” they have. That’s why our skin fades during life and hair gradually thins. As long as there are enough stem cells, they will support our youth and health.

Therapy with apple stem cells

Science has been trying for a long time to use human or animal stem cells for medical purposes. Of course the person’s own material would be ideal, but it’s difficult to obtain. Donor cells can be rejected, such as a kidney. The consequences of the procedure are not fully understood. The most universal cells are blastocyst and embryo cells. They are considered to be the most valuable, but obtaining them has ethical problems.

That’s why in many countries, it is forbidden to use stem cells of animal origin in preparations and cosmetics.

Healthy hair

So Swiss scientists decided to try “planting” the human plant cells, including from the unique, wild apples.

Biochemists make a cut on an apple to attract stem cells. After the stem cells are collected, they are cultivated and propagated in certain environments. Then, under pressure, they are enclosed into nano-liposomes, which deliver the active ingredient deep into the epidermis or hair follicles. These liposomes, with so called “stuffing” inside, are PhytoCellTec™.

The stem cell effect

Human stem cells, under the influence of the plant stem, live much longer and divide more actively. Stem cells become larger, which means that the organ literally grows younger. Any breakdowns are fixed more quickly.

Speaking about hair, stem cell therapy stimulates:

  • The formation of new follicles (new hair) on bald patches.
  • Improvement of existing ones.
  • Cell division in bulbs, which means hair growth.
  • Strengthens protective properties.

The process of baldness, according to researchers, is at least slowing down.

Research and Guaranties

The manufacturer’s experiments have shown impressive results.

In vitro human stem cells from umbilical cord blood was 80% more active in the presence of 0.1% extract of apple stem cells!

Human cells that multiplied in the solution of apple stem cells were exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Damage was insignificant, and cell division did not stop.

Finally, apple cells were tested on wrinkles. For 28 days, twice a day, volunteers of different ages applied 2% emulsion to the area of ​​”crow’s feet”. In the first two weeks, the depth of wrinkles decreased by 8%, and in the four weeks of the experiment, by 15%.

LLLT therapy

The studies on how the apple stem cells affect hair follicles have positive results.

But there is no official evaluation of the efficacy and long-term safety, although trichological clinics are already using the cells of the Swiss miracle apples. The patient’s feedback is mostly positive.

Disadvantages of the method

The main advantage of this method is that stem cells do work, But of course, the individual response to them may vary. Everyone who chooses this method for treating baldness is interested in the disadvantages:

  1. The effectiveness and safety is not fully proven. Science has not yet said “yes”, so there may be risks, especially long-term. For your part, you can only ensure that the clinic you have chosen uses officially approved drugs for stem cell treatment. What are the storage conditions of the drugs?
  2. Expensive. Any cellular technology is not cheap. Depending on the program that you are offered, be ready for any amount, but it will still be pricey. Insurance companies normally don’t cover baldness treatment.

How can stem cells be replaced?

Today there is already a method with a similar action, but with a different mechanism of action. This method is much more affordable and its effectiveness has been proven by clinical studies. We are talking about low-level laser therapy. It stimulates the metabolic processes, accelerates the regeneration of follicles and hair growth. The devices are convenient for self-use, and they look like regular baseball caps. After consulting with a doctor, this device can be used as long as necessary, which will fully pay for itself.

It is possible to use stem cells and low-intensity laser radiation together, only after the consultation with a doctor.

So, stem cell therapy works, but there is no 100% guarantee of efficiency and safety. Are you ready to apply an expensive method with these risks? It’s up to you.

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