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Newly vegetarians and hair loss

There are some cases when converting into vegetarian can also cause a hair loss. Specialists are sure, that it may be caused by a dramatic body weight loss, change of the diet, thyroid problems, excess or lack of microelements (Iron, Zinc, Lysine).

Global balding?

There were a several researches in USA, Japan and Great Britain done, according to them in 37% cases women from 37 to 45 years old are suffering from balding. When 5 years ago this index was only 28%. More to that, scientists are saying that this problem is getting only younger, every year more and more younger women under the age of 35 years old suffer from it. Of course, there are so many factors that cause balding, that’s why it is very important to see the doctor as soon as possible. In most of the cases it is possible to stop this process and restore your hair, for example , with a help of laser caps.

Newly vegetarians and hair loss


Certainly, when becoming a vegetarian not only your diet is changing. The body is changing dramatically. Often the hair loss becomes a natural reaction on the body stress – refuse of meat, weight loss, different nutritional food quality. In this case, you can use a help of a professional nutritionist, who will explain you how to choose and cook your food correctly.

Thyroid and soy

Becoming a vegetarian means consuming more soy products. In this case, problems with thyroid can negatively impact the whole body, and also cause a hair loss, especially with a lack of iodine in the diet. That’s why deciding to become a vegetarian, carefully control your daily iodine intake, which must be from 75 to 150 mg per day. Also, consuming less soy products could be a problem solution.

It is important to understand, that a hair loss is may be your body reaction on an unusual diet. Quite often newly vegetarians forget about the micro elements and nutritional balance importance. A professional nutritionist can help you balance your diet correctly. You might also find it interesting: Vegetable Juice As a Method of Hair Loss Treatment.

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