Question: When can I see the results using GrivaMax?
Answer: With regular use of GrivaMax Laser Cap, hair improvement occurs within 12-25 weeks. But the timing and the result can be very individual for each patient.
Question: What is the duration of a session?
Answer: The duration of treatment GrivaMax Laser Cap ranges from 20 to 40 minutes. In our cap, for convenience, is a preset automatic timer for 30 minutes.
Question: Are there any side effects when using LLLT?
Answer: No, currently there is no information about any side effects. However, Laser GrivaMax Cap is not recommended to use for children under the age of 18 years.
Question: Can GrivaMax be used for the treatment of baldness in women?
Answer: Yes. GrivaMax Laser Cap is suitable for the treatment and prevention of hair loss for both men and women.
Question: Can I use GrivaMax while taking Minoxidil?
Answer: Yes and it is recommended. Today, there is no information on the incompatibility of LLLT and Minoxidil.
Question: Is it safe to use Laser GrivaMax Cap at home?
Answer: Yes, GrivaMax Laser was specifically designed for use in the home.
Question: Can lactating and pregnant women use GrivaMax Laser Cap?
Answer: Definitely need to consult a doctor first!
Question: What is LLLT?
Answer: Low level laser therapy – therapy based on the therapeutic effects of low-intensity laser light.
Question: How does LLLT affect hair?
Answer: Low-intensity laser light (about 650 nm) speeds up the metabolic exchange and circulation of hair follicle, stimulating hair growth.
Question: Is there a difference between Laser GrivaMax Cap and similar laser devices?
Answer: Yes, of course. You can read a detailed comparison on this page.
Question: Are there any studies that confirm the efficiency of LLLT in alopecia?
Answer: Yes, a number of studies that have proven efficacy of LLLT for hair loss.
Question: Do I need to use special shampoos before applying the Laser Cap GrivaMax?
Answer: No, you can use any shampoo as usual.





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