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First Signs of Baldness

As with any other medical problem, baldness requires an early diagnosis. The sooner you go to the doctor, the more effective his help will be. Luckily, you can notice the first signs of baldness even before it becomes a severe condition. Even though there are several types of alopecia, and even more factors that cause it, there are also undeniable reasons to see a specialist.

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Hair loss becomes excessive

Normally a person loses up to a hundred hairs. If you have a short haircut, you wouldn’t notice that. If you have longer hair, to see four-five hairs that are left in your hand is also within the norm. You should be alerted if:

  • After brushing, there is a big chunk of hair left on the comb.
  • Pillow is covered in hair.
  • The drain in the tub is getting clogged too often.
  • Your hair gets thinner, etc.

Important! Hair loss can be a reaction to different factors: physiological or psychological stress, hormonal imbalance (for example postpartum), diet, overheating, or cold. Only a doctor can determine the exact cause of hair loss.

Change of the structure

When hair is changing its structure and thickness, especially if they are getting thinner – this is not a good sign. It’s better not to delay your visit to a doctor. Because neglected alopecia will cause severe hair thinning, turning it into a short fuzz. People who originally have thin hair are at a higher risk.

Uneven color

Suddenly, you see a grey strand in your hair, which also appears thinner than normal. Or you just noticed some color changes, that you didn’t have before.

Problems with the scalp

You can buy liters of advertised dandruff shampoo and solve the problem only temporarily. Or you can see the doctor to determine the cause of your seborrhea. Besides dandruff, you should be concerned if you have any rashes, sores, or crusts on your scalp. Don’t ignore discomfort caused by skin problems.

Increased dryness or fat content of the hair

Sebum imbalance may also indicate deeper, growing problems with your scalp and hair.

Early symptoms of alopecia depend on the gender, age, health, and lifestyle of the person. Here you can read more about eight easy steps which can help you to control hair loss: https://www.grivamax.com/9-simple-natural-ways-fight-hair-loss/. No matter who you are, you should always pay attention to your hair, and not delay a visit to the doctor. Use modern treatment methods (for example, laser caps) and stay healthy and beautiful!

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