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Diseases That Cause Hair Loss

Hair is a wonderful indicator of our health. Hair loss is related to the big number of diseases and it becomes an alert for the doctor, who should check hormonal level and thyroid, the level of iron in the blood, etc.

On our website, you will find many articles on the all possible causes of baldness, including the diseases that lead to this condition. You can find a more detailed description of certain health problems. We keep working on this section of our blog.

A million of reasons

External reasons are the factors such as stress, lack of care, poor environmental conditions, etc. The internal triggers are diseases which cause hair loss including somatic, autoimmune, skin, oncological, hormonal diseases, infections and other groups. Read more about it.

At the beginning, it will be useful for everyone to learn about all possible causes of baldness.We decided to devote a special article to the topic of children’s hair loss.

Female diseases and alopecia

Men and women have a number of common pathologies that cause hair loss, such as androgenetic alopecia, anemia, seborrheic dermatitis. Some of these disease strike only women, for example, polycystic ovary syndrome. A general list of hair loss causes and more specific one will help you to understand whether the hair loss was caused by the disease or by excessively strict diet. We suggest nine causes of female alopecia, eight of which are associated with various diseases.

Male diseases and alopecia

Men have specific inherent diseases, which damage hair, for example, prostatic hyperplasia. The patient and the doctor will also need to distinguish external factors from internal. TOP-10 causes of male alopecia and the latest scientific data will help to get an initial idea of the problem. A dermatologist or trichologist will determine the form of the alopecia and the exact cause.

Baldness can be a consequence of the diseases

Androgenetic alopecia

Androgenic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss. As one might assume by name, this disease is inherited by men, but, unfortunately, dihydrotestosterone may also negatively affect women. Here are the general characteristics of AGA, and how it manifests itself specifically in women.


Dandruff is usually not associated with baldness but still related to the problem of hair loss. Dandruff worsens hair nourishing and leads to mechanical injuries. Learn more about the connection between dandruff and alopecia. Once dandruff becomes a threat to the health of the hair it definitely needs to be treated.


There are three fungal infections that are the most dangerous for the hair and scalp. One of them is mentioned above dandruff, but especially damaging is considered ringworm. How to restore your hair after ringworm?

The thyroid gland pathologies

The thyroid gland plays an important role in the work of the hormonal system. Lack or excessive amount of hormones produced by thyroid negatively affect the condition of the hair. Useful recommendations on thyroid disorders will help the treatment.

Hair loss in telogen

For a number of reasons, sometimes the abnormally large amount of hair prematurely goes to the telogen (rest) phase. In this case, the doctor notices the characteristically changed hair follicles. The cause of this usually temporary phenomenon can be both severe stress and a serious chronic illness. Find out more about that.

Alopecia areata

The cause of focal alopecia is not fully understood. Most scientists believe that this is an autoimmune disease, more likely hereditary inherited. Read more about alopecia areata here. One of the possible triggers can be stress. More on the causes of focal alopecia.

Knowing the treatment and prevention measures will help to restore lost hair or slow down the course of the disease. If you have already diagnosed focal alopecia, make sure to pay attention to the prevention of stress.

Speaking of diseases that cause baldness we must remind again about the importance of the professional medical supervision and qualified diagnostics. Hair loss can be caused by a serious disease, that’s why changes of your hair conditions should never be ignored.

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3 thoughts on “Diseases That Cause Hair Loss”

  1. Sarah Jones says:

    In fact, there are numerous reasons. My dermatologist gave me the referral to examination and also recommended to consult a gynecologist. But it turned up to be the mycotic infection that had caused the hair loss.

  2. Emiliana says:

    The doctor told me that the reason was stress. My mother died and it was hard to live through this loss.

  3. Jack says:

    I have problems with thyroid body. And it happened to be the cause of my alopecia. I am 26 years younger than my father but he still have beautiful hair while I have far less hair.

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