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Why Does Hair Fall Out? The Causes of Baldness in Men and Women

It is extremely important to establish the real cause of alopecia for an effective treatment. Some factors can equally affect both men and women, and other can be applied only to men or only to women. In this article, we will talk about all the causes of hair loss.

Common causes for everyone

Poor nutrition
Even if we don’t take into consideration extreme conditions such as iron deficiency anemia, very often our diet isn’t balanced. With poor nutrition and a diet that is not diverse, harmful foods will affect the entire body, including hair.

Stress causes hair loss and can also trigger various diseases.

Lack of sleep
Not getting enough sleep may cause physiological stress. Today, many people are experiencing a lack of sleep in their lives.

Taking medication
Antidepressants, diuretics, hormonal drugs, hypotension, and other groups of drugs can cause problems with hair.

Skin Infections
This includes seborrheic dermatitis (more commonly known as dandruff), fungal infections, and psoriasis.

Internal diseases and autoimmune processes
Problems with internal organs such as the thyroid gland, frequent respiratory diseases, or HIV may cause hair loss. Immune disorders can lead to focal alopecia.

Our genes are responsible for the most common form of baldness in men and, less commonly, in women – androgenetic alopecia. Testosterone level is related to baldness.

Improper care
Too frequent or infrequent washing, traumatic combing, excessive drying and the use of cosmetic products, tight hairstyles, and hot styling are not good for hair.

Take a good care of your hair to make it beautiful and healthy.

Bad habits
Smoking gradually narrows the vessels, and fewer necessary elements can enter the hair. Alcohol destroys all cells in the body, washing out useful substances.

Excessive workouts
Too much exercise is not good for your hair and negatively affects normal growth.

Weak immunity
The work of the immune system depends on nutrition, lifestyle, diseases, and infections. Here you will find more information.

Baldness in men

Male baldness occurs in different forms. There are several common causes: bad habits, excessive physical exercising, use of drugs for muscle growth, and potentiation (read more about other reasons).

Unfortunately, genetic hair loss can’t be avoided, but you can try to control it with the help of medical treatment. 63 genome changes are responsible for baldness. There are interesting relations between predisposition to hair loss and a particular type of male appearance, puberty and certain diseases (maybe it’s me?).


Women can be affected by hormonal and cyclic changes. For example, increased hair loss after pregnancy is experienced by half of the women. Menopause can be accompanied by loss of hair volume (three causes of female alopecia).

When it comes to lifestyle, women should avoid strict diets, which can cause anorexia and bulimia. Try to avoid stresses (five reasons for those who want to know more).

Another common female mistake when it comes to hair is excessive styling. A hairstyle that is too tight, frequent hair dying, straightening, and waving, and the use of harmful styling products (nine causes of baldness: symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment methods).

In conclusion, we understand that everyone wants to know the causes of hair loss. Try not to figure them out yourself. Let the doctor have the last word about the roots of the problem and the methods for dealing with it.

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3 thoughts on “Why Does Hair Fall Out? The Causes of Baldness in Men and Women”

  1. Merlid Chernigosky says:

    It is also important to have the appropriate hair care, you need to choose the most suitable products for your skin and hair. It’s great when the main ingredient is herbs.

  2. Anu Saikhom says:

    It seems to me that most of all it depends on inheritance. My dad went bald very early. My hair has gradually started to fall out since I turned 20.

  3. Noah Bruce says:

    Why does my hair fall out so much? I have a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. In general, I really take care of my health. Maybe it’s some kind of hormone imbalance ….

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