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Lifestyle of People With Beautiful Hair

Expensive care products can’t provide you a good result if you ignore two basic conditions of healthy hair – nutrition and lifestyle.

We suggest a general review article about nutrition. Our life quality depends on several factors, such as mental state, bad habits and physical activity, ecological situation, and working conditions. Let’s talk about the most important ones, although everything in your life matters when it comes to your health.


Frequent stresses can cause hair loss, early graying, or even focal alopecia which is an autoimmune disease. If you notice such processes, read 10 ways to prevent stress, and support the normal functioning of immunity.

Hair problems caused by stress lead to even more severe anxiety developing so-called a vicious circle.

Don’t give up. We offer several effective tips on fighting stress caused by alopecia.

Wearing wig is another option to deal with hair problems during treatment. There are several different types of wigs. You should remember that wearing a wig can negatively affect thinning hair. Read more about how to choose the wig.

Avoid stress, get rid of bad habits, drink plenty of water and your hair will be happy

Bad habits

Bad habits cause people a lot of harm. It seems like everyone can easily quit them, but in reality, things are more complicated. Learn more about three habits that are the most harmful to our hair. Maybe this article will motivate you for self-improvement. Find out more about what else is harmful to the hair in these articles.

Read about the right way of washing your hair. Perhaps you are doing it wrong.

You are what you drink

Drinking water is very important for our body. Just like a food, water is necessary for healthy metabolism in our body. Hair depends on water inside and out.

In this article, you can find more about dangerous factors for our hair and health in general. It is important to pay attention to the water quality and solve the problems to change the situation for better.

Our blog is regularly updated with articles on various topics, but they all serve one purpose – to help you maintain or restore the health and beauty of your hair.

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