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Hair and Nutrition

This is one of the most important topics of our blog. Our daily diet is the very basis for the beauty of the hair. A well-balanced nutrition is a key to a healthy hair. You can’t achieve the long-lasting effect with the help of cosmetics and hairstyles. What should always be on your plate? What are the beauty foods?

The best foods for your hair

You don’t have to follow the exact recipes when you are cooking. Just pay attention to certain groups of foods and include them in your diet. Plus they taste good: nuts, seafood, meat, eggs, poultry, fruits and vegetables, beans, etc.

We offer a short list of products that include six useful components for healthy hair.

Here are nine and ten more the most important groups of food for hair growth.

You don’t have to pay attention to every small detail in your eating habits, but simply make the diet as varied as possible. Of course, this diversity excludes fatty, sweet, roasted and fast food. Our food charts will tell you about what you can safely indulge yourself with.

Alphabet of vitamins

Vitamins are called sources of life. Some of them are difficult to receive, and certain elements are usually in excessive amount.

Vitamins are necessary for maintaining a healthy hair.

Since there is a big variety of vitamins, you can learn more about five main vitamins for the hair. Find out more about effects, dosage, symptoms of deficiency, and main sources. The full list of vitamins here will provide a general information.

Zinc and hair

Zinc is very important for our hair. The right amount of this element is the key to healthy hair. Hair loss can be caused by both a deficiency or overdose of zinc.

Zinc deficiency is related to a poor diet or diseases: diabetes, anemia, liver diseases, etc. An excessive amount of zinc becomes an obstacle to absorption of other important elements. It can also stimulate the production of testosterone, which increases hair loss. Zinc disbalance in our body can be harmful. Read more about the role of zinc and its sources in this article.

Diets and hair

Many of us refuse their favorite foods to match the beauty standards. When you are on diet our body can react to the changes with a temporary hair loss. It usually happens during first three months. A low-carbohydrate diet is not an exception.

A well-balanced nutrition and moderate physical activity will do more good than any diet. Try to eat healthy all the time and avoid harmful foods or drinks.

Even if you need to get in shape quickly to wear the new dress, you can minimize the negative effects of a strict diet for your hair. Read more about it at the link above.

When you decide to adjust your food habits and improve the diet with healthy foods, the effect can be amazing. Our body is an entire structure. A healthy diet will provide a positive impact not only on the hair but on the whole body in general.

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3 thoughts on “Hair and Nutrition”

  1. Shanike Perry says:

    When you don’t have a balanced diet, it’s important for your body to receive all essential mineral nutrients. Then hair always remains beautiful.

  2. Elisabetta Gatti says:

    If the body lacks iron, zinc or calcium, your hair begins to get weak. The diet must be balanced. Zinc actually helps to strengthen the hair and to prevent severe loss of hair.

  3. Táifēng says:

    I gave up eating harmful food and have not been smoking for six months. And in fact, I started to notice how my skin and hair have changed since then. They look healthy. And the hair doesn’t fall out as before.

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