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Hair and Time: Hair Aging and Solutions

Age changes not only the internal organs, bones, joints, and skin, but also hair. Of course, the effects of aging are inevitable, but they can be slowed down. In this summary, we will talk about the causes of hair aging, and whether it is possible to fight it effectively.

Signs of aging hair

Follicles regressively change with age, so hair growth won’t be the same as it was during your youth. Some of the follicles fall asleep for good. The number of melanocytes — cells responsible for hair color — decreases. The skin changes the structure and becomes drier due to lack sebum. The result of these processes are hair changes such as:

  • graying;
  • thinning;
  • dryness;
  • brittleness.

All these symptoms can be eliminated to some degree, even graying. Read about each of the signs of aging to see what can be done.

Hair structure is changing with age, but it doesn't affect the beauty of the hair.

Silver age

Gray hair deserves special attention. Everyone will come across this problem at some point. The only question is when will this happen. A number of factors cause the early appearance of gray hair, which can appear before the age of 30. The main factors include genetics, diseases, and nutrition. The belief about turning gray because of severe stress hasn’t been scientifically proven. Regular stress and adrenaline rushes may speed up the process of graying.

It is possible to fight graying, especially at the beginning stages, and not only by coloring your hair. Information about the necessary tests and possible methods of treatment can be found here.

Menopause surprises

Hair quality reacts to hormonal changes. During premenopause and menopause, the number of hormones changes dramatically. The production of estrogen, or “beauty hormone”, is reduced. Failures in the thyroid gland are also quite common. As a result, about half of women’s hair disappears.

In this article, we briefly outlined the mechanisms of age-related hair loss in women, and the available control measures. More details about  the baldness factors in menopause, all modern methods, and treatment errors.

Despite all the trouble, a mature age brings many reasons for pride and joy. Everyone can improve the aging symptoms. The most important measure is attentive care towards your hair, and the body in general.

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2 thoughts on “Hair and Time: Hair Aging and Solutions”

  1. My hair started to get gray very early. I had to dye my hair from the age of 20, and neither my mother nor my father has such a problem. It’s probably because of my work. I am always under pressure, I can’t normally rest even at home.

  2. Sarah Afifi says:

    Gray hair may appear because of vitamin deficiency. Emu oil can help. Nowadays you can find the hair-care products with it in the contents.

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