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We begin to accept the problem of hair loss and its treatment seriously only after we actually facing it ourselves. If you need to quickly learn about the causes and treatment of alopecia, this article is for you. Of course, it doesn’t provide encyclopedic knowledge, but it will help you to find answers and navigate … Read more

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Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an active form of the male hormone testosterone. Excessive amounts can be the main reason for male baldness (androgenic alopecia). In several different forms, this disease can affect (mostly) men and women. Learn more about HMI index and how to find out the hair loss speed: https://www.grivamax.com/hair-mass-index-hmi/. DHT is an obstacle for … Read more

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Not to begin from far away, we will get straight to the point, balding – is an awful problem. It must be already quite a concern for you, since you are reading those words. You are trying to find answers to all the questions, and understand which type of hair restoration would work for you … Read more

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